Strategic Community Plan Review

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You’re invited to share your vision for the future!

We’re currently reviewing our Strategic Community Plan. This is the plan that holds the most influence over Council’s decision making, because it outlines our community’s vision for the next 10 years.

Your thoughts and ideas are valuable, no matter how big or broad! Share them with us and help shape our community’s future for the next decade. 

There are a few ways you can be involved:

  1. Come along to one of our community consultation sessions, held right throughout the City in April
  2. Catch up with our teams at a pop-up stall over the next six weeks (coming to an event near you!)
  3. Workshops/IRL chats not your thing? You can share your ideas with us online RIGHT NOW

More detail on all of these options is available at
Check it out and help us make our community better together.

This is your home, your community, and our future will be What We Make It!

Find out more and register your interest online at, or by contacting our Community Engagement team on 9186 8555.

December 2023
Phase One - Auditing the current plan

What are we doing?

We’re working to make the place we live even better. Our City’s future is ‘what we make it’!

In 2024, we’re reviewing our guiding document – the Strategic Community Plan 2020-2030 (SCP) – to create a shared vision for our community for the next ten years.

To do this, we’re talking to as many people as we can to understand what’s important to you and your aspirations! Tell us: What is your vision for our City for the next ten years?

What is a Strategic Community Plan (SCP)?

The SCP is our community's big plan for the future. We’re required to have it as part of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework under the Local Government Act 1995.

The SCP guides Council’s decision-making for the decade ahead, including how money is spent and what services, facilities and programs are prioritised to achieve the community’s vision.

Why is Council reviewing the SCP?

We’re required to give our SCP a major review every four years, and smaller checks every two years in-between. This is important to make sure it still aligns with what you, our community, want for the future. If it doesn’t, we change it!

This review will help us see where we are now, where we’ve been, and where we’re heading next.

A lot can change in four years, so let’s figure out where to go next…after all, it’s What We Make It!

What's in the current SCP?

Our current SCP has the vision to become Australia’s most liveable regional City.

How we plan to achieve this is outlined under four different themes: Our Community, Our Economy, Our Environment and Our Leadership.

Click here if you’d like to see the current SCP in more detail.

How is the review being delivered?

The project is happening in three parts:

Phase 1: Auditing the current plan.

We’re checking our current SCP to see what’s good, what’s missing, and what needs improvement.

We’re asking questions like – is the content still relevant? How are we using it? How can we make it better? We’re also looking at other local government plans for ideas.

Phase 2: Talking with you!

This phase is all about hearing from you – the good, the bad, the everything!

We’re embarking on the biggest community engagement initiative in the City’s history.

Come join a visioning workshop to share your ideas and aspirations, or chat to us at a community pop-up stall at a local event. You can also share your thoughts through online communications and a survey.

We’ll capture all our conversations and your feedback to help shape the direction of the City’s SCP.

Phase 3: Developing our new SCP

After hearing from you in Phase 2, we’ll draft a new SCP based on your feedback. We’ll share it back with the community for public feedback and comment to make sure we got everything right.

All feedback received will then be collated and presented to Council for consideration when confirming the final Strategic Community Plan.

When is the review being done?

This review will occur in three phases. Phase 1 involved auditing the current SCP, which began in December 2023 and has now been completed. We are currently in Phase 2, talking with you, the community, from April to July. Phase 3 entails drafting our new SCP, scheduled for August to December.

How can I get involved?

There are various ways for you to get involved and share your thoughts with us!

You can:

  • Share your feedback via our online engagement platform
  • Participate in a community visioning workshop
  • Drop by one of our community pop up sessions
  • Come say hi when you see us out and about as a community event!

Explore our project timeline to find out more about all the activities we have lined up!

How are we using your information?

Yes – your privacy is a top priority!

All the information, comments, feedback and ideas we collect during our consultation process are combined and de-identified before we begin our review. This ensures any details that could identify you, such as your name, email address or age, are removed. We take extra steps to make sure we can’t link the feedback to a specific person.

For more details on how we safeguard your information, check out our Privacy Policy Privacy Policy | What we make it Karratha (Logged in).

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