Green waste

Residents and commercial customers can dispose of green waste year-round at the City's waste services facilities. See below fees and charges for commercial customers.

Pre-cyclone green waste collection

Residents receive free, annual green waste collection services to help you prepare your yard ahead of cyclone season. 
Collection dates are staggered throughout each of our five towns in the lead up to cyclone season each year. Town/suburb specific dates are announced each August/September.

Preparing for your pre-cyclone season verge collection

  • Place only green waste out for collection.
  • Cut pieces shorter than 1.5m in length. 
  • Keep clear space between your collection pile and any fences, water meters, power poles, vehicles and trailers, letter boxes, Telstra pits, driveways and garden beds. 
  • Place green waste on your verge up to two weeks before your collection date. 
  • Do not include leaf litter and lawn clippings as part of these collections, as they may blow away and cause a litter problem. 
  • Ensure your collection pile follows these instructions, as items not meeting the criteria are not able to be collected. 


Support for Seniors

Support for seniors living within the City of Karratha is available ahead of cyclone season, providing assistance with general garden maintenance and pruning.

For more information, call 08 9186 8555, email or fill out the webform on this page Seniors pre-cyclone support | City of Karratha

Frequently asked questions

How long before collection dates can I put my green waste out?

Green waste is to be placed on verge no more than two weeks before collection for your area and should be out no less than one day prior. 

What size should green waste be?

Please ensure your green waste is no longer than 1.5 metres in length.

What green waste will not be collected?

We will not collect leaf cuttings, lawn clippings, soil or sand and dug out lawn will not be collected. 

How will I be notified about when green waste will be collected in my area?

There are a number of ways you can find out when your green waste will be collected: 

  • flyers have been sent to all mailboxes within the City of Karratha
  • posters are up in the Karratha Village Vicinity shopping centre 
  • Check the City of Karratha Facebook page for updates
  • Check the Pilbara news on Augst 24 for timings

How does seniors cyclone collection work?

if you are a senior or would like to organise pre-cyclone green waste cleanup-up for a senior please call 08 9186 8555 or email The City will organise a contractor to ensure your house and yard are ready for cyclone season. 

What happens if I miss my collection date?

The 7 Mile Waste Facility or the Roebourne/Wickham Transfer Station accept green waste free of charge

The city offers support for Seniors who need assistance with pruning and general maintenance.

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