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The Take Your Business Online Grants are now CLOSED for 2023/2024.

All current applications are now being assessed. The successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified by 6 June 2024.

Future rounds for the Take Your Business Online Grant 2024/2025 will be advertised through our website and social media platforms.

Alternatively, you can be added to the TYBO notification list by calling 9186 8555 or email enquiries@karratha.wa.gov.au.

For more information check out our frequently asked questions and refer to the Take Your Business Online Policy.

Learn more about previous TYBO recipients:

Foolish Fancy

“TYBO has been instrumental in stepping up my art into the wider online world. From the very first steps of inquiry to completing and receiving the grant the communication and support has been exemplary. Thank you for your generous initiative!”


SDI Enterprises

“Thank you for supporting our growing business to increase its professional online presence.”



Dream Squad

"I am so thankful to the City of Karratha for their generous contribution. Juggling what feels like a million task every day, as a mum, small business owner, working part time out of the business as well.  It has been amazing having Socialista take over my business social media page. It created some extra time for me to get other tasks down as well as help me look like the go to person in my field because my page looks so professional. Thank you, City of Karratha"


JLT Engineering Pty Ltd

JLT Engineering

"The City of Karratha's TYBO Grant was instrumental in kickstarting our new business, JLT Engineering.  With their generous support, we were able to establish a strong digital foundation which proved to be a game changer for us.  The grant provided financial backing needed to create an impressive website, optimise it for search engines, and set up efficient web and email hosting. This digital infrastructure opened opportunities for us, enabling us to reach a broader audience and engage with potential clients seamlessly.  Moreover, the grant allowed us to invest in creating a compelling brand identity and dynamic social media presence. These elements played a pivotal role in building our online reputation and credibility."


Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of this grant?

The City of Karratha’s Take Your Business Online (TYBO) Grant Scheme provides eligible businesses with up to $5,000 (excl. GST) per business, matched dollar for dollar, to enhance their digital capabilities and marketing efforts. The aim is to boost competitiveness, innovation, and operational efficiency across their products and services.

Who is eligible?

You can apply for this grant if you:
•    Are a business with a registered ABN;
•    Operate within the City of Karratha area;
•    Have a project that will improve the digital capability of your business;
•    Have products and/or services that are market-ready or already operating;
•    Able to complete your project without grant funding if you are not successful with your application; and
•    Have the appropriate insurances, permits and/or licences for your business. This includes if you are operating from home that you have the appropriate planning approvals from the City of Karratha. 

What can I apply for?

You can apply for projects aimed at enhancing your digital capacity and online marketing presence. This may include activities such as:
•    Web design;
•    Social media management;
•    E-business development;
•    Development of online learning or membership portals;
•    Development of customer relationship management systems;
•    App development;
•    Search engine optimisation; and/or
•    Digital marketing.

Projects must be able to be completed within six months of your grant being approved.

What can't I apply for?

Unfortunately, this grant is not for:
•    Business operating expenses such as staff wages, rent, utilities, and consumables;
•    Projects that you have done in the past.

How do I apply?

Submit your application on the online form, including all the following information and attachments:

  • Description of your business
  • Details of the project you are planning to undertake
  • Details of how the project will benefit your business and the broader City of Karratha community
  • Details of how you will measure the success of your project
  • An explanation of how your project will enable innovation in your business
  • Details about how long your project will take to complete
  • A project budget with quotes attached.

What if my application is not ready for this grant round?

No worries! Send your business information and email address to enquiries@karratha.wa.gov.au and we will keep your details so that we can notify you when the next round opens. 

How will my application be assessed?

Applications will be reviewed and assessed by a panel of City officers once the grant round has closed. Your application will be assessed against how well it meets the following criteria:
•    Eligibility requirements; 
•    Benefits and evidence of need for this project is clearly shown for your business and the local economy;
•    Quality of your application including a project plan, measurable outcomes and innovative solutions; and
•    Appropriate quotes are attached.

When will I find out if I was successful?

Both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified by 4 June 2024 on the outcome of their application.

What happens next if I am successful?

If your grant application is successful, you will be asked to sign and return the City’s conditions of grant funding form to confirm that you accept the conditions of the grant. These include:

  • All conditions in accordance with Council Policy: DE01 Take Your Business Online grants scheme policy
  • The City must be specifically acknowledged by displaying the City’s logo on your website and marketing materials that relate to this funding
  • Only expenses approved in your application and in accordance with Policy may be claimed
  • Any grant funds that are unspent at the completion of the project or activity are to be returned to the City of Karratha within 60 days of the completion of the project. If not, they shall be treated as Council debt
  • If grant monies are not used or acquitted within six months of notification of the City of Karratha’s grant approval, all monies allocated will be forfeited will be forfeited unless a written request for extended time is received and approved by the City
  • The Acquittal / Evaluation report must be submitted within 60 days of project completion.

When will I receive the grant money?

  • Once you have signed and returned the conditions of the grant you’re away! You can start your project.
  • Once you have started your project and made a payment to your contractor for the work, you can submit the receipt for payment along with an invoice for 50% of your approved grant funding to the City for processing.
  • The remaining project grant funding can be claimed on project completion and acquittal.

How does the acquittal work?

Once you have completed your project and paid all of your project related expenses you need to submit:

  • An acquittal form
  • Copies of all receipts for completed work
  • The invoice for the remaining 50% of your grant funding

Once the acquittal has been submitted the City’s officers will check that you have spent the grant funds as agreed and will write to you to confirm your acquittal has been accepted. If, for some reason, there’s an issue we’ll get in touch to resolve it with you.

What if I get part way through my project and need to change something?

We get it, things change! 

If you need to adjust your plans, get in touch with us straight away and we can work through the process with you to make sure that your new project is still eligible for the grant funding, or provide you with your options.

Who can I talk to for more information about this grant?

For any queries about the Take Your Business Online grant get in contact with the City and one of our friendly staff will help you with your questions.
Phone: 9186 8555 
Email enquiries@karratha.wa.gov.au 

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