Commercial waste

Please check Landfill Waste Classification and Waste Definitions 1996 for Class I, II and III to confirm the types of waste which you can take to the facility. You may need to complete a permit request form to dispose of some waste types - see information on contaminated and special disposal requirements below.

All Commercial vehicles entering the 7 Mile Waste Facility must weigh in and out using the weighbridge and follow all directions of landfill staff.

Purchase orders are required if waste disposal charges are to be levied against anyone other than the carrier, and drivers are to present a hard copy of the purchase order to the Weighbridge Operator before moving on to the weighbridge.

Waste disposal fees and charges for 7 Mile Waste Facility can be viewed below.

Commercial recycling at 7 Mile Waste Facility 

Commercial customers are encouraged to separate waste to facilitate recycling. Dedicated recycling areas are available and reduced rates apply for uncontaminated loads of the following waste types:

  • metal (free)
  • processed green waste (free)
  • commercial food waste 
  • commingled recycling
  • green waste

Contaminated and special disposal requirements

Materials containing chemical substances, or waste at concentrations above background levels that present or have the potential to present a risk of harm to human health or the environment, require special handling. 
Non-Compactible Waste, Quarantine Waste, Hazardous Waste, Special Waste Types 1, 2 and 3 and some Controlled Wastes have special disposal requirements and require a permit.

Applying for a special disposal requirement permit

  1. Ensure your company has an account with the City of Karratha Council. If not, submit a credit account application form (below). You may continue with this process only after you have received notification the account has been created.
  2. Contact for an electronic copy of the permit request form, and return the completed form, with any supporting documentation to the same address.  
  3. Once approved, your permit will be emailed to you. The waste can then be delivered to the 7 Mile Waste Facility, according to the permit conditions and delivery date. 

Please note the transport driver must present a copy of the Waste Disposal Permit and purchase order (if applicable) to the 7 Mile Waste Facility Operator before moving on to the weighbridge for every delivery. 
Transporters are responsible for off-loading the material. Contact for additional information.  


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