Walkington award


Hey, fellow Year 12 students!

Guess what? There's an awesome $5000 award up for grabs that's all about encouraging us to keep studying. How cool is that?

It's called the Walkington Award, and it's a way to honour the amazing Dr. Al Walkington, who was the founding director of Karratha College (now known as North Regional TAFE). We want to carry on his legacy by pursuing education at a recognized institution.

But here's the deal, guys: before you start your application, make sure you read the guidelines. It's super important!

Want more info? Contact the City of Karratha on 9186 8555 or email community.online@karratha.wa.gov.au 

Submissions for this year's Walkington Award have now closed, good luck to all those who entered.

Guidelines for applicants

Now, let's talk eligibility. To qualify for this sweet award, you need to be: 
o Studying Year 12 with a full ATAR program in the year you're applying. 
o Oh, and you've got to live in the City of Karratha and be enrolled in a local high school or something similar.

Submission Requirements:
1.To prove your academic brilliance, you need to submit your Year 12 report card and up to five other pieces of evidence, such as certificates of achievement. 

2. When it comes to showing off your school and community involvement, you’ve got two pages max to explain it all. We want to see leadership skills, involvement in local community activities, and positive contributions to your school crew.

3. Don’t forget the references! You’ve got to provide at least three reference letters from referees who can confirm the facts about you. So make sure to include their names, contact details, and how they know you.

4. If you’ve got any supporting materials like social media posts or cool newspaper articles, you can send up to three of those too.

5. Oh, and don’t forget your address! They need to know you actually live in the City of Karratha. The school will be asked to confirm it for you.

Submissions for the 2023 Walkington Awards are now closed.


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