Public interest disclosure

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 (PID Act) aims to ensure openness and accountability in government by encouraging people to make disclosures about improper conduct within the state public sector, local government and public universities without fear of reprisal. 

Read the Public Interest Disclosure Policy for more information. 

Call 9186 8555 or email to contact the City’s PID Officers for assistance.  

What is a Public Interest Disclosure?

In order to be covered by the PID Act, the disclosure must relate to information that would be a matter of public interest and tend to show wrongdoing by a public authority, an officer or a contractor when performing a public function.  

A disclosure is not a general complaint about dissatisfaction with a product or service or a decision by government, or a personal grievance that can be resolved by agreement between parties. It must relate to a wrongdoing. 

What are types of wrongdoing?

Wrongdoing includes:  

  • substantial misuse or mismanagement of the authority’s resources 
  • improper conduct. 
  • an offence under state law 
  • substantial risk of injury to public health, safety or the environment 
  • administrative matters covered by the Ombudsman.  

Who can make a public interest disclosure?

Anyone who believes on reasonable grounds the information they have is, or may be true, can make a disclosure, including an employee of a public authority and a member of the public. 

Before making a disclosure, please contact the City of Karratha’s Public Interest Disclosure Officer. They will help you understand how to make the disclosure and who you should disclose to, your rights and responsibilities, the protections that will apply, and whether the information you have is covered by the PID Act. 

Once you are satisfied that making a Public interest Disclosure is the appropriate route for you, and you are fully aware of your rights and responsibilities under the PID Act, you can start the lodgement process. 

Complete a Public Interest Disclosure Lodgement Form and provide it to a City Public Interest Disclosure Officer. 

If your information is not covered by the PID Act, you can still make your disclosure to the public authority concerned using its grievance process (if you are or were an employee at the time the incident occurred) or its complaints management process (if you are a member of the public). 

Once you have been informed about the PID Act and your rights and responsibilities, you must make it clear that you have chosen to make your disclosure under the Act. 

Where can I get more Information?

Call (08) 9186 8555 or email to contact the City’s PID Officers for assistance.  


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