Barking dogs

The City of Karratha is a pet-friendly City, and we encourage responsible dog ownership. 

While pets are an important part of our community, barking dogs can cause frustrations for neighbours. State legislation covers laws relating to dog nuisance and the City is obliged to follow this legislation. 

Getting help with a barking dog issue
The first step in resolving an issue with a barking dog is to talk to your neighbours, or the dog’s owner, if you know who it is. Dog owners may not be aware that their dog’s barking is causing concerns since this usually happens when the owner is not home.

Often these issues are resolved after a polite and informative conversation. 

If you are not comfortable speaking directly with your neighbour, you can call the City of Karratha Ranger Services on 9186 8555 or try writing a polite letter (example available in documents below) outlining your concerns and leaving it in their mailbox. Keep a copy of this letter for your records and evidential purposes.

If you wish to make a complaint, then it’s important to provide Rangers with information such as particular days, times and events which trigger the dog’s barking, so specific situations and solutions can be discussed with the owner. See the dealing with barking dogs brochure for more details. 

Helping your dog reduce its barking 
There are a range of things you can do to help reduce your dog’s barking: 

  • Give your dog attention when it is quiet and no acknowledgement it when it barks
  • Move your dog to another part of the yard, or play a radio at low-volume between your dog and the sound to block noises that triggers your dog’s bark
  • Try blocking its vision to the other side if visual cues cause your dog to bark
  • Keep your dog inside at times when the rubbish truck drives by or children walk to school
  • Make sure your dog has plenty of exercise and training
  • Make sure your dog always has clean water and shelter from the weather 
  • Consider purchasing a bark collar to assist with barking issues

Download the Barking Dogs brochure for more information for owners and neighbours. 


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