Service Worker Accommodation Applications



Applications are OPEN for eligible service sector employees and small businesses to apply to lease a Service Worker Accommodation dwelling.

Accommodation Pool

The City of Karratha in partnership with Rio Tinto and Woodside provide 66 dwellings across the City to support affordable housing for service workers. 


Services which deliver a meaningful contribution to the liveability of Karratha will be considered, including: 

  • Health services
  • Education
  • Safety, security, and policing
  • Connectivity and public transport
  • Leisure, recreation, and entertainment
  • Retail
  • Natural environment
  • Community
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Job prospects
  • Housing
  • Cost of living

Individual Eligibility 

  • Be an Australian citizen or be eligible to work in Australia
  • Be employed in an occupation which services the broader community
  • Be employed by a not for profit, non-government or local business offering essential services within the City of Karratha
  • Be employed on a continual/casual basis, working no less than 30 hours per week, paid by an organisation based within the City of Karratha and not working on a FIFO/DIDO roster
  • Do not own any share of a residential dwelling within the City of Karratha (applicable to all who are proposed to reside at the dwelling), or a 50% or more share of a dwelling elsewhere
  • Do not have an individual gross assessable income greater than $90,000 per annum
  • Do not have a shared household gross assessable income greater than $130,000 per annum
  • Do not have a partner or dependent proposed to reside with the primary tenant who works for a resource company or a company who provides the majority of its services directly to the resources sector
  • Is not eligible for other employee housing programs (applicable to all members of the household). 

Organisation Eligibility

  • Is a not-for-profit or non-government local business offering essential services within the City of Karratha
  • Provides majority of it's services to the broader community and customers who are not resource companies
  • Generates local employment with a minimum of 30 hours/week (with an exception for medical disability - 15 hours/week)
  • Is capable and committed to entering into a residential tenancy agreement and accepts all costs and liability for the full period of tenancy (i.e. rent and utilities)
  • Nominates employees to reside in a property who meet the 'Individual Eligibility' criteria. 

Please email your signed, completed application to

You can also apply for City of Karratha rentals through the following link  

The City of Karratha, Rio Tinto and Woodside Service Worker Accommodation scheme is one of three affordable housing programs available in the City.

You may access DevelopmentWA's affordable housing solutions through these links:

Warambie Estate, Trend55

The Quarter Apartments - Overview - DevelopmentWA - Shaping our State's future

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