Internal alterations

If you want to make a change to any wall, floor or ceiling within a building by removing, adding or altering its size, shape or location, this is known as an internal alteration.  

The City can help you get the Building Permit approval needed before you undertake any work.  

Call 9186 8555 to speak with the Building Services team about internal alterations.  

Is a Building Permit required to carry out internal alterations to a building?

A Building Permit approval is required for all internal structural alterations. 

A Building Permit is not required if the works being undertaken don’t affect existing structural elements or walls designed for internal pressure, and the works are to be undertaken according to the applicable building standards required in the National Construction Code (NCC). 

For example, the re-fit of an existing bathroom would not require a building permit if the waterproofing and plumbing work is undertaken according to the building standards in the NCC. 

Who submits the application?

Either the property owner or the builder must submit the application. 

What plans and specifications do I need to submit with my application for a Building Permit?

The level of information required will depend on the scope and extent of the alterations.  

Please include with all applications:  

  • floor plan, elevations and cross section of the dwelling to a scale of not less than 1:100 
  • engineering drawings, certified by a Structural Engineer. The engineering drawings must include details of the design criteria to which the building has been designed, i.e. wind region, importance level, terrain category. 

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