Swimming pools

Making the most of our balmy, sub-tropic climate, many City of Karratha residents take advantage of our sunny skies and install a pool or spa at home. 

Private swimming pools and spas are defined as bodies of water used for the purposes of swimming or wading, which the public are not permitted to use.  

For the safety of pool owners and the wider community, laws and guidelines around pools and spas are in place.

A Building Permit approval is required for all swimming pools and spas and the associated safety barrier. Either the property owner or the party contracted to construct / install the swimming pool or spa and safety barrier must submit the application.  

Swimming pools, spas and fencing are all Class 10b structures, and there are no requirements for a registered builder to undertake the works.

Download the private swimming pools & spas information guide to learn more about installing a pool. 

Safety barrier requirements

In Western Australia, private swimming pools and spas with water that is more than 300mm deep must have a compliant barrier installed.  

This is intended to help prevent the drowning deaths and injury of young children under the age of five years.  

This requirement applies to: 

  • in-ground pools and spas 
  • above-ground pools and spas, including inflatable and portable pools and spas 
  • indoor pools and spas, but not spa baths that are normally emptied after each use 
  • wading pools containing water that is more than 300mm deep. 

The Building Regulations 2012 require all new swimming pools and spas to be provided with a safety barrier complying with Australian Standard – AS1926.1-2012.  

When you submit your application, preliminary inspections are arranged to discuss the proposed location of the pool barrier to identify any issues that may need to be addressed before construction. 

Download the Rules for Pools and Spas Booklet, (linked below) for full details of the barrier requirements for your pool. 

Pool fence inspection program 

Pool fences are required by legislation to be inspected for ongoing compliance a minimum of once every four years. The four-year period commences from the date compliance is achieved after installation of a pool fence around a new pool or spa. 

You will be charged a quarter of the inspection fee every year as part of your rates notice, covering the inspection carried out every four years.

Customer requested inspections that fall outside of the parameters of the 4-yearly inspection program are charged a separate rate.

Four yearly inspections $112
Annual charge (1/4 of the four yearly fee) $28
Client initiated inspection fee $170

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