Roebourne Streetscape Master Plan

Roebourne Streetscape Master Plan

The Roebourne Streetscape Master Plan proposes a vision for the long-term goal of invigorating the town centre streetscape to encourage an attractive, vibrant, and usable space. The City’s vision is to enhance Roebourne’s identity by increasing the quality of the streetscapes to North West Coastal Highway, Roe Street and Sholl Street. Strengthening links to existing natural assets such as the (Ngurin) Harding River enhances amenity and provides opportunities for cultural, community voice and expression within the town. 

To date, the consultant GHD Woodhead has prepared a Master Plan Concept Design Report that discusses three implementation strategies based on future outcomes, including consideration of a future Heavy Haulage Vehicle Route.

Addressing the critical objectives for the project, Concept Option Three has been recommended as the best long-term outcome for Roebourne as it significantly enhances the streetscape and amenity. However, given the scale, cost, and ambition of the plan, and that some elements recommended are outside of the City’s control, this option will be identified as the Roebourne Streetscape Master Plan Vision and progressively staged over time (potentially up to fifteen (15) years) and as funds are allocated. 

This approach enables immediate works to progress, being mindful of the long-term aim while responding to significant future developments, including the associated restricted access vehicle (RAV) class network considerations, which may impact the design. In July 2022, the City of Karratha Councillors endorsed a staged strategy to see this vision implemented, with the first staged to be designed and constructed in the 2022/ 23 Financial Year.

The current commitment is to deliver Phase One as part of a broader vision, and this will include in summary:

  • activating the critical intersection along Roe Street, including Queen, Withnell and Padbury Streets
  • provide new entry signs/statements to the north and south
  • begin to introduce new pavement, trees, planting, and seating; 
  • begin to improve pedestrian safety; and
  • begin to provide art and community interpretation opportunities.

Phase One, Two and Three are all currently at concept design, with Phase 1 proceeding to detailed design towards the end of 2022 after community receipt of community feedback.  Construction of Phase 1 is expected to be completed by the end of the current 2022/2023 financial year.

Community consultation session
9 November 2022
Report to council
July, 2022
Community consultation session
June 2021
Community consultation session
August 2021

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