City of Karratha

Security Subsidy Scheme

The City of Karratha, through the Safer Communities Partnership, delivers a program to help improve security in and around the home. The City of Karratha will provide a subsidy of up to $200 towards the costs of installing a security alarm system, a CCTV system or sensor security lighting. 
To qualify for the security subsidy, the following conditions apply:
  • All tenants and owners of residential properties within the City of Karratha are eligible
  • If you are a tenant, the property owner must approve the installation of the product/s
  • The subsidy amount is up to 50% of the total cost of the products and installation to a maximum of $200 per property
  • Only one subsidy payment per property will be made for any one or combination of the approved security products 
  • Application for subsidy can only be made after the products have been installed and paid for
  • All products must be purchased and installed by a City of Karratha based supplier
  • All products must be hard-wired at the property 
  • A licensed electrician must install all sensor security lighting systems  
  • If you will be paying for installation of a CCTV or security alarm system, you must use a licensed security installer. 
  • For a list of licensed security installers visit:
  • Where CCTV is installed, the system must be registered on the WA Police State CCTV Register. To register visit:
  • Products purchased and installed prior to 1 March 2019 are ineligible.

To ensure your claim is processed as quickly as possible, the following must be completed and submitted altogether:

  • Application form (click here to download the application form)
  • Consent from property owner (if required)
  • Receipt/s from local supplier/s for supply and installation of the product/s
  • Proof of registration with State CCTV Register (CCTV only)

To return your claim:

In person: City of Karratha Administration on Welcome Road
Post: Community Safety,
City of Karratha
PO Box 219
Karratha, WA 6714