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Pay my rates

Paying your rates is now online and it's easy. Just click on the "Pay my rates" link below. You will be directed to our BPoint payment portal where you can enter your information and pay your rates.

Rates are the contribution each property owner makes to improving services and facilities within the City of Karratha for the growing needs of our community. The City of Karratha collects rates to fund a wide range of services including the maintenance of recreational facilities, roads and footpaths, parks and libraries, waste management, and important community infrastructure projects, such as the Red Earth Arts Precinct and Wickham Community Hub.

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Council endorsed a suite of initiatives aimed at helping the community. One of these initiatives was to assist rate payers by offering the following:

- freezing rates and existing city fees for 2020/21

- deferring the collection of rates for most ratepayers from August to November 2020

- modifying the City's Financial Hardship ( Rates Relief ) Policy to provide increased access to debt write off for individuals and businesses

You may have noticed that your rates for 2020/21 shows the due date as August 31 2020 ( this is in line with Council's adopted timeline for collecting rates), however please note this has been deferred to November 10 2020. This means that you will have three options:


1Payment in fullFull payment
2Two (2) instalmentsInstalment one (1)
3Four (4) instalmentsInstalment one (1) and two (2)


Find out more about how we calculate your rates and how they fit into our annual budget here:

Understanding your rates from City of Karratha on Vimeo.

Rates are calculated annually from 1 July to 30 June. Please download the 2020-2021 rates brochure for more information about how rates are calculated. 

If you need to change your rates details, please contact us.

Financial Hardship (Rates Relief) Policy

Council understands that during times of financial hardship, residential ratepayers may experience difficulty paying rates. In addition to the City providing flexible payment arrangements, Council has developed a financial hardship policy to provide relief to eligible residential ratepayers. This policy allows the City to apply additional interest generated by The Quarter HQ to write-off interest of up to $1000 on outstanding rates. If you think you are eligible, please download the Financial Hardship (Rates Relief) Policy and application form and bring the completed forms into our Administration Building. Remember to also bring a hardship letter from a qualified financial body.

Rates forms (PDF)

Direct debit information and forms (PDF)