City of Karratha

Rubbish Bin Service

Always relying on the neighbours to know when your bins should be out?

This page will sort you out, so they can rely on you instead.

Customers should ensure bins are presented kerbside by 6am on collection day

NOTE: Bin collection will be business as usual over the WA Day public holiday. Contact Cleanaway on 9119 5500 or email if you have questions regarding:

  • Missed bin collection
  • Kerbside rubbish bin service
  • Kerbside recycling bin service - check here for calendar
  • Bin repairs
  • Replacement bins
  • New bins

See also: Rubbish / Recycling Bin Service Forms page

**Cleanaway have an app where you can find out more about what can and can't be recycled and set weekly/fortnightly bin reminders - download it here **

Check the online calendar or see below for your pick-up dates:


BULGARRA - all streets bordered by and including
Searipple Road
Maitland Road
Mystery Road
Millstream Road




PEGS CREEK - all streets bordered by and including
Dampier Highway
Balmoral Road
Broadhurst Road

Morse Court
Warambie Road

DAMPIER - all streets

ROEBOURNE LIA - Jager Street

WICKHAM SOUTH - All streets south of Wickham Drive




MILLARS WELL - all streets bordered by
Dampier Highway
Broadhurst Road
Bathgate Road
Balmoral Road


WICKHAM LIA - Wilson Way

WICKHAM NORTH - All streets North of Wickham Drive

POINT SAMSON - all streets




NICKOL and TAMBREY ESTATE - all streets bordered by and including
Dampier Highway
Bathgate Road
Balmoral Road

NICKOL WEST - all streets




BAYNTON, BAYNTON WEST & MADIGAN ESTATE - all streets bordered by and including
Dampier Highway and West of Rosemary Road

ROEBOURNE - all streets including Cheeditha



Residential General Waste FAQ

What colour is the general household waste bin?

Green body with a green lid.

What should I do if my bin gets missed?

Call Cleanaway on 9119 5500

What should I do if my bin gets stolen or damaged?

Call Cleanaway on 9119 5500

I have just built a new house and need general and recycling household bins.  How do I organize this?

Call Cleanaway on 9119 5500

What can’t we put in our general household bin?

Lengths of steel and wood                              Car batteries

Gas bottles                                                       Flares/EPIRBS

Engine oils/fluids                                             Hot ashes

Lawn clippings (unless bagged)                      Engine parts

Steel cable                                                       Explosives/Ammunitions

Paints and chemicals

Garden hose and rope (unless cut into half metre lengths)

Can I leave loose bags of rubbish next to my bin?


What do I do if I fill my bin and have more rubbish?

You must not over fill a bin.  The maximum weight is 50kg and the lid should be closed.  Additional waste can be taken to either the 7 Mile Waste Facility or Wickham Transfer Station and is free of charge for waste coming from a residential property.

An additional bin can be supplied however charges do apply – call Cleanaway on 9119 5500