City of Karratha

Road Closures

There is a lot of room to move up here so the last thing anyone wants is to not be able to get from A to B.

So, whether you are going somewhere or working on something that might stop people getting past - this is the page for you.

Latest Road Conditions

View the latest information on road conditions in the City of Karratha:
Road Condition Report as of 09 June 2022.

Visit Main Roads for important road closure and road condition information.

Forecasted road closures

31/7/2022Intersection of Maitland Road and Bayview Road, Bulgarra

Road closure as part of FeNaClNG event.

Temporary traffic management will be in place with advanced warning signage and pedestrian signage.

7am - 10:30am

Temporary road closures – less than four weeks

  • Any road closure less than four weeks requires written authorisation from the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Requests should be made in writing to the City of Karratha administration office.
  • A minimum of two weeks advertising period is required prior to any road closure less than four weeks.

Temporary road closures – greater than four weeks

  • It is a legislative requirement that any road closure greater than four weeks is publically advertised in the local paper with a request for submission and any adjoining owners notified and given the same opportunity to offer feedback. After the submission period (minimum of one week) is closed the matter then needs to go to Council for their endorsement.
  • It is therefore required that a minimum of eight weeks’ notice is provided with the traffic management application prior to any road closure greater than four weeks in order for this process to be completed.
  • Once endorsed by Council, the applicant will be required to further advertise the road closure for a minimum of two weeks in the local paper, contact directly resident’s / business owners and display a variable message board.

Applying for Traffic Management with Road Closures.

If you are looking to undertake works or an hold an event that requires a road closure please see information on City endorsement of traffic management plans under Roads and Footpaths.