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Public Notice: Notice of Change of Time and Venue - 2020 Ordinary Council MeetingsNotice is hereby given that 2020 Ordinary Council Meetings previously scheduled to be held at 6.30pm will now commence at 5pm. The Council meeting scheduled for 5pm on Tuesday, 30 June in Council Chambers will now be held at the Red Earth Arts Precinct. Meetings are open to the public, however owing to the current public health emergency (COVID-19), social distancing requirements will be in place and must be observed. Agenda papers and the minutes will be available here.N/AN/A
Public Notice: Proposed Differential RatesNotice is hereby given in accordance with Section 6.36 of the Local Government Act 1995 of the City of Karratha's Proposed Differential Rates for the 2020/2021 financial year.N/AN/A
Public Notice: Intention to BorrowNotice is hereby given in accordance with Section 6.20 (2) of the Local Government Act 1995 of the City of Karratha’s intention to exercise the power to borrow money.N/AN/A
Public Notice: Local Planning Scheme Amendment No. 48Notice of final approval to rezone Lot 589, portion of Lot 588, Lot 590, Lot 591, Lot 597, Lot 700 and portion of Lot 701 Burrup from Strategic Industry to Conservation, Recreation and Natural Landscapes.N/AN/A
Public Notice: Roebourne Services and Facilities Strategy (1.23MB)The Roebourne Services and Facilities Strategy is a City of Karratha and WA Department of Communities project. Keough Bay Consulting was contracted in February 2019 to identify community need, assess community facilities and determine future community facility and service requirement for Roebourne.N/AN/A
Public Notice: Local Planning Scheme No.8 Amendment 49 (45KB)Amendment 49 - to add an additional use of Industry - Noxious (Restricted) at Lot 178 Sturt Pea Road Wickham.N/A
2020 Council Meeting Dates (322KB)Council meeting dates for 2020 were adopted by Council at its meeting on 19 November, 2019.N/AN/A
Public Notice: Youth Strategy 2019-2024 (1.59MB) N/AN/A
Public Notice: Footpath Lighting Strategy (2.12MB) N/AN/A
Public Notice: Adoption of Dogs Local Law 2019 (53KB) N/AN/A
Public Notice: Pilbara Freight Study (4.8MB) N/A
Public Notice: Dog Prohibited Areas (49KB) N/AN/A
Public Notice: Disposal of Property (80KB) N/AN/A
Public Notice: Karratha Destination Management Plan (5.23MB) N/AN/A
DRAFT: Cleaverville Foreshore Management Plan (36.7MB) N/AN/A
Public Notice: Adoption of Local Laws N/AN/A
Public Notice: Bushfire Risk Management Plan 2018-2023 (1.6MB) N/AN/A
Public Notice: Imposition of Fees and Charges (16KB) N/AN/A
Public Notice10-year Footpath Strategy 2018-2028 (2.62MB) N/AN/A
Public Notice: Sahara Forest Feasibility Report (6.3MB) N/AN/A