City of Karratha

Public Notifications

Find out what's in store for the City of Karratha - from town planning schemes to policy changes to new developments.

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Internal Strategy to Minimise the Use of Single Use PlasticsN/A
Public Notice: Local Planning Scheme No. 8 – Amendment No. 49 – Lot 178 Sturt Pea Road, Wickham (1MB)4:30pm Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Public Notice: Proposal to Dispose of Property - 38 Clarkson Way, BULGARRA (105KB)5pm Wednesday 3 July 2019
Public Notice: DA19120 Workforce Accommodation Facility Lot 77 (No. 166) De Witt Road, Stove Hill (The Ranges) (67MB)Wednesday, 10 July 2019
Public Notice: Disposal of Property (12.2KB)4pm Wednesday, 17 July 2019
Public Notice: Kimberley/Pilbara/Gascoyne Joint Development Assessment Panel Minutes 14/06/2019 (377KB)N/A
DRAFT: Footpath Lighting Strategy (2.12MB)N/A
Public Notice: June 2019 Ordinary Council MeetingN/A
Public Notice: Kimberley/Pilbara/Gascoyne Joint Development Assessment Panel Minutes (16/05/2019) (1.9MB)N/A
Public Notice: Notice of Special Council Meeting 24 May 2019 (86KB)N/A
Public Notice: Proposed Motor Vehicle Sales Development at Lot 7 Corringer Avenue (7.12MB)N/A
Public Notice: Adoption of Dogs Local Law 2019 (53KB)N/A
Pilbara Freight Study (4.8MB)N/A
Public Notice: Dog Prohibited Areas (49KB)N/A
Public Notice: Disposal of Property (80KB)N/A
Karratha Destination Management Plan (5.23MB)N/A
DRAFT: Cleaverville Foreshore Management Plan (36.7MB)N/A
Public Notice: Adoption of Local LawsN/A
Public Notice: Bushfire Risk Management Plan 2018-2023 (1.6MB)N/A
Public Notice: Imposition of Fees and Charges (16KB)N/A
DRAFT: 10-year Footpath Strategy 2018-2028 (2.62MB)N/A
Public Notice: Sahara Forest Feasibility Report (6.3MB)N/A