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Looking to start building in the near future? This page is your first stop.

Here you will find a series of forms and information sheets about everything to do with building from putting up a boat port to building your next mansion.

Verge Inspection Fees

All building applications which fall into one of the descriptions outlined below attract a verge inspection fee. An assessment of the verge is required to be undertaken prior to the commencement of work on site, with a follow inspection upon completion. The nominated builder for the works approved under the associated Building Permit will be liable for any damage to the verge.

The fees are as follows:




Kerb/verge inspection and maintenance contribution - Residential alterations (Class 1 & 10) >$20,000


Kerb/verge inspection and maintenance contribution - Below ground simming pool installation


Kerb/verge inspection and maintenance contribution - New residential construction (Class 1)


Kerb/verge inspection and maintenance contribution - Multi-residential and commercial construction (Class 2 to 9)


If you have any queries in relation to the Verge Inspection Fee please contact our Technical Services Team on Ph: (08) 9186 8555.


Building Forms

The City of Karratha will only accept Applications for Building Permit where the application form has been downloaded from the Building Commission forms page

This applies to both certified and uncertified applications, as well as applications for Demolition permit.

Applicants are advised that all construction within the City is to comply with Region D, Terrain Category 2 requirements of the BCA.


Information sheets

Building Applications - General Information

Building Services Fees & Charges


Demolition Permits


Outbuildings - Sheds


Sea Containers

Shade Sails

Solar Panels

Swimming Pool & Spa Fence Rules

For more building information, please call 9186 8555.