Current exhibition

Join us for the thrilling HERstory showcase, featuring local artists:
Carrie McDowell
Eloise Haldane
Maria Mori | Foolish Fancy
Rebecca Brooks | Archipelago Artisan
Suzanne Philpot | Grateful Remnants
Talitha Sprigg | Two Sprigg's
One Tree Community Services
And visiting artists:
Carrissa Wu | Jotterbook Flowers
Jamie-Lee Garner
Rise Beyond the Reef
Tania Nguyen | Bonny V
As it comes together the impact really packs a punch with these incredible local artists offering the depth of their practice, interwoven with our internationally acclaimed visiting artists.

This art exhibition focuses on the evolution of the arts for feminine social and emotional wellbeing, and features works by Jamie Lee Garner, Rise Beyond the Reef, and Tania Nguyen of Bonny V.

Jamie Lee Garner

Jamie Lee Garner is an interdisciplinary Artist that lives and works in the Northern Tablelands, on Ngarabal country in NSW. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of Sydney Jamie Lee conceptually considers the relationship between inner world and external reality. Jamie Lee has a curiosity of the energetic signature of memory and how it impacts our lives. She creates playful and kaleidoscopic works that explore form and sustainable materiality through ceramics and colourful textile offcuts.

In 2023 Jamie-Lee’s vibrant arrangements of reclaimed textiles adorning uniquely crafted ceramics took the art world by storm. The ‘Fluffies’ as they are affectionately dubbed by their creator amassed more than 1.5 million views in just one reel across the globe after being scouted by Danielle Krysa of @thejealouscurator 

HERstory as part of the Red Earth Arts Festival, will be the very first chance Western Australia has had to view the works of Ravenswood Women’s Art Finalist Jamie-Lee Garner.

Do not miss your premier chance to purchase a Fluffie, here at home! 

Sales open during the exhibition launch Thursday May 9, 5.30pm: https://www.blbcreative.com.au/curate/herstory

Rise Beyond the Reef

Rise Beyond the Reef bridges the divide between remote communities, government and the private sector in the South Pacific, sustainably creating a better world for women and children.

Rise Beyond the Reef is a non for profit empowering rural indigenous women and their families in Fiji by designing ecologically, culturally, and socially conscious handmade goods and promoting climate-smart agriculture approaches since 2014. Rise Beyond the Reef build sustainable pathways to local and international markets to empower Pasifika women to maintain their traditional knowledge, ancestral homes, and voice in their communities. Their goal is to create meaningful women-led solutions to the climate crisis.

Rise Beyond the Reef Artists persist despite the heavy rains these past few weeks in Fiji. Power or no power, women in the upper mountain partner communities in Ba hand-sew adorable "Fiji Friends"—aka Stuffies! They are handcrafted in their homes and have set sail to yours on Ngarluma ngurra. 

Do not miss your premier chance to purchase a Stuffie, here at home! 

Sales open during the exhibition launch Thursday May 9, 5.30pm; https://www.blbcreative.com.au/curate/herstory

Tania Nguyen – Bonny V

Tania Nguyen of Bonny V believes in Nature through art and art through nature. In her carefully curated arrangements, spring blooms eternal. Having discovered the art of flower pressing in Japan, Tania showcases the infinite variations of shapes and tones of florals, refining her practice over many years.


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