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Dampier Palms and Hampton Oval Redevelopment

Project overview:

The City of Karratha redeveloped The Palms precinct on the Dampier foreshore to provide an outstanding recreational facility for the Dampier and Karratha community and visitors. The project's objectives were to:
  • Create a ‘destination’ foreshore of choice for residents and visitors;
  • Cater for a wide range of activities including:
    • Land and water-based activities;
    • Community and/or commercial;
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Public Interest Disclosure

What is a Public Interest Disclosure?

In order to be covered by the PID Act, the disclosure must relate to information that would be a matter of public interest and tend to show wrongdoing by a public authority, an officer or a contractor when performing a public function. A disclosure is more than a general complaint about dissatisfaction with a product or service or a decision by government, and it is more than a personal grievance that can be resolved by agreement between parties. 

What are types of wrongdoing?

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Dampier Foreshore Works - Stage 1

Project overview:

The Dampier Foreshore Management Plan has been prepared to provide guidance for the management of human use impacts on the Dampier foreshore reserve in the City of Karratha. The Dampier foreshore area covered by this plan is currently subject to mining lease to Rio Tinto however steps are in place to amend the land tenure to recreation to be managed by the City of Karratha.

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Karratha Foreshore Works – Stage 1 Searipple Road

This project delivered a new public amenity structure at Searipple Road in Karratha.

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Draft Strategic Community Plan 2016 Outcomes and Responses

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Storm Surge

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services will provide storm surge and flood mapping if the threat of a storm surge is possible. This information will be provided 48 hours prior to expected impact. The Department of Fire and Emergency Services will provide advice at that time if relocation is necessary.
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ABC Radio Frequencies

ABC Radio National


Roebourne, Western Australia

107.5 FM (6ABCRN)

Dampier, Western Australia

107.9 FM (6ABCRN)

Karratha, Western Australia

100.9 FM (6ABCRN)

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Emergency Phone Numbers

Dial 000 for life threatening emergencies

Dial 132 500 for State Emergency Service (SES) assistance

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Seven Mile Waste Facility Tip Shop

Reusing household items helps to conserve raw materials, reduces energy costs of producing new replacements and extends the life of the landfill.

City of Karratha residents can bring a wide range of reusable goods to the shop, including:

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