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Walkington Award

The Walkington Award commemorates the service of the late Dr.Al Walkington, Foundation Director of the Karratha College (now Pilbara Institute). The aim of the award, currently valued at $5,000 is to encourage students to continue either full-time or part-time studies at a recognised educational institution.

Each year the Walkington Award is awarded to a student whom the Award Committee considers to have achieved academic excellence over the previous twelve months while also demonstrating achievement in other areas such as community involvement. The award is open to full or part-time students aged 16-25, who either reside or whose parents reside in the City of Karratha.

Applications - 2016

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Walkington Award Winner 2015

St. Luke's College student Anshula Ashish has been awarded the 2015 Walkington Award thanks to her fantastic scholastic achievements and dedication to our community. Anshula has excelled academically right throughout her schooling life and contributed to our community through voluntary work, sport, art and leadership roles.

Passionate in science and the arts Anshula has set herself an incredible career path, backed by a strong academic foundation and the leadership and personal qualities that will see she achieves this.

Anshula plans to attend the University of Western Australia as an assured applicant for Postgraduate Medicine. If granted this assured spot she plans to study a Bachelor of Science and become a Doctor of Medicine. She hopes to gain some experience through a mid-term trip to India or Africa where she will volunteer at hospitals before returning to the Pilbara to work in local hospitals and communities.

Walkington Award Winner 2014

St. Luke's College Head Boy Wayne Zaccheus has won the highly prestigious Walkington Award valued at $5000 for 2014 thanks to his outstanding academic achievement and commitment to the local community.

Wayne Zaccheus is fascinated with the world's technological advancements, enjoying science and mathematics since he was young. His dedication to these subjects and his studies on the whole have been evident throughout his education with numerous awards and acheivements to speak of.

Wayne is an outstanding young member of our community, a leader among his peers and a role model in all aspects of his academic and wider community life. He was the winner of the Rio Tinto and Scitech sponsored Beijing Bound Science Competition in regional WA and recieved a silver medal for research at the Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition in 2014. He participated in the inaugural Pilbara Regional Student Parliament and was a finalist in the Regional Solar Model Car Challenge for three years in a row - just to name a few achievements.

Wayne plans to attend Curtin University to study engineering and commerce.


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