City of Karratha

Road Closures

There is a lot of room to move up here so the last thing anyone wants is to not be able to get from A to B.

So, whether you are going somewhere or working on something that might stop people getting past - this is the page for you.

Visit Main Roads WA's Pilbara Alerts page for important road condition information.

Download a copy of the Local Road Condition Report (PDF 0.22mb) last updated 27th of March 2017 10.30am

Advice to road users

Be advised that gravel roads within the City of Karratha not listed within the report are also closed and that sealed roads within the City of Karratha are trafficable, however they may also be impacted upon in heavy rainfall events predicted over the next few days.

View information on the Karratha City Centre Road works and closures.


Temporary Road Closures – less than four weeks

  • Any road closure less than four weeks requires written authorisation from the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Requests should be made in writing to the City of Karratha administration office.
  • There may be some requirement to advertise the closure, depending on the length of time and location of the closure.
  • Advertising will be arranged by the City with the cost of this advertising passed on to the applicant.
  • A minimum of two weeks notice is required prior to any road closure less than four week.


Temporary Road Closures – greater than four weeks

  • It is a legislative requirement that any road closure greater than four weeks is publically advertised in the local paper with a request for submission and any adjoining owner notified and given the same opportunity to offer feedback. After the submission period is closed then the matter needs to go to Council for their approval.
  • It is therefore required that a minimum of eight weeks notice is given prior to any road closure greater than four weeks is proposed in order for this process to be completed.