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Walkington Award

The Walkington Award commemorates the service of the late Doctor Al Walkington, Foundation Director of the Karratha College (now Pilbara Institute). The aim of the award, currently valued at $5,000 is to encourage students to continue either full-time or part-time studies at a recognised educational institution.

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Public Holidays

Can't wait for your next day off? Here is a listing of all the public holidays, so you can start day dreaming, or planning around them.

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All sport and recreation clubs have an important role to play within the community and it is essential to ensure they are operating well now and in the future. The Club Development Program assists community sporting groups within the City of Karratha with their continued development.

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Get a Dreamer’s Hill Permit

Looking to sell your car, bike or boat on Dreamer's Hill? You will need to organise a Dreamer's Hill permit first. Below is all the info you need to do this.

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Community Grants and Funding

The aim of community grants and funding is to offer not for profit community, sporting, cultural, service groups, associations and individuals that are based within the City of Karratha, financial assistance to foster high quality programs, community events, facilities and services that provide a return benefit to the community.

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Citizenship Information

The City of Karratha hosts Australian citizenship ceremonies throughout the year, in particular on days of significance to Australia such as Australia Day (26 January) and Australian Citizenship Day (17 September). Find out all you need to know about becoming a citizen here...

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Karratha Golf Course Redevelopment

The Karratha City Council currently provides the maintenance of the Karratha Golf Course (fairway mowing, fertilising and watering) in conjunction with volunteer help from the members of the Karratha Golf Club (KGC) and Karratha Country Club (KCC). The course is a public course with casual use available for members of the public. 

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Rubbish Bin Service

Always relying on the neighbours to know when your bins should be out? Check this rubbish collection page and you'll always be in the know.

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Residential Waste Fees and Charges

Want to know the costs for waste facilities and desponsal of contaminated waste - look below and you will find all you need. If you would prefer to talk to someone though, call us on 08 9186 8555 during office hours.

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