City of Karratha

Local Laws

It's always a good to be in the right. Below you will find local laws on everything from keeping bees to having a party in public places.

Just read below and click the title to download an in-depth PDF for each.

Local Laws - Activities in Thoroughfares & Public Places and Trading Amendment Local Law 2018  (0.2 MB)10/07/2018

Local Laws - Standing Orders  (0.42 MB)

*The JSCDL has requested undertakings by the City in relation to these local laws, please refer to the Public Notifications page for a copy of this document.


Local Laws - City of Karratha Bush Fire Brigades Local Law  (0.2 MB)

Local Laws - Activities in Thoroughfares & Public Places and Trading Local Law  (0.55 MB)27/09/2017
Local Laws - Repeal Local Law 201727/09/2017
Local Laws - Cemeteries Local Law  (0.15 MB)27/09/2017

Local Laws - Fencing Local Law  (0.27 MB)
Local Laws - Fencing Amendment Local Law (0.013MB)

Local Laws - Health Local Law  (0.28 MB)22/01/2013
Local Laws - Animals, Environment and Nuisance Local Law  (0.2 MB)22/01/2013
Local Laws - Parking and Parking Facilities Amendment Local Law 2011  (0.14 MB)31/01/2012
Local Laws - Parking & Parking Facilities  (0.3 MB)31/01/2012
Local Laws - Dogs Local Law  (0.18 MB)5/10/2009
Local Laws - Local Government Property Local Law  (0.78 MB)5/10/2009
Standards referenced in the Local Laws may be viewed during normal office hours at the City of Karratha Administration Building