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What do City of Karratha Youth Services do?

In a nutshell, we advocate for and provide youth-centred services that empower and support the holistic needs of young people.


How do we do this?

Youth Services coordinate the provision of a diverse range of youth programs and activities, as well as a calendar of youth events. Our ideas for these activities, events and programs come directly from young people through a variety of consultative mechanisms.

Want to know more? Take a look at our Youth Strategy here.


Where do these activities, programs and events take place?

All over the City of Karratha! We like to mix it up and make sure all activities are accessible for all young people and that a range of places and spaces are activated across our wonderful City. We do this by hosting programs at different venues, events in different towns and running activities that are outreach style in the community. We also have two purpose-built youth centres in Karratha and Wickham that operate year-round. 

Our youth centres

We have two youth facilities members can attend. They're open daily with varying hours during school term and holiday periods. It's best to check out our latest promotions or contact us to find out the current operating hours. 
The Youth Shed – Hillview Road, Karratha
The Base – located within the Wickham Community Hub on Carse Street, Wickham

Youth Services memberships

City of Karratha Youth Services memberships are for young people aged 11-25 years. Membership is FREE and enables you to attend Youth Services activities at The Youth Shed Karratha, The Base Wickham and other locations. You can also receive emails letting you know what’s on for young people.
Every new member must fill out a form which can be obtained from your local youth centre by emailing or online here.

Contact us

The best way to get in touch with our Youth Services team is to email
If you need to get in touch quicker, you can phone your closest youth centre:
  • The Base - 08 9186 8576 / 0417 021 087
  • The Youth Shed - 08 9186 8045 / 0429 061 652

How can I stay connected and up to date with what's happening in Youth Services? 

Instagram: You can keep up to date daily by following @kcityteens on Instagram. Check out our posts and stories for news, competitions, opportunities and what’s on in our City for young people.
Facebook: Join the ‘City of Karratha Youth Services’ Facebook group to make sure you see the latest info about youth events, programs and activities. The 'City of Karratha' page also shares some Youth Services info amongst other City functions, but not as much as the group. 
Mailing list: Parents, guardians, friends, family and young people can join our mailing list. You will receive school holiday programs, event and program promotion, youth opportunities and more to your inbox. Email to have your email address added. You can also contact us via this email address with any questions or general enquiries. 

Our team 

Youth Services have a large team of staff who are integral in delivering all that we do. Team members have varying skills and experiences providing a lot of diversity and fun! Look out for them at our events or youth centres in their City of Karratha polo shirts.

Frequently asked questions about Youth Services programming and events:

Do the activities cost anything?
The majority of our youth programs are free. This information is always included on promotional material however if in doubt, contact Youth Services.

Do young people need to register for programs or buy tickets to events?
Sometimes young people will need to get tickets to events or book their spot in programs to attend. REGISTERED programs will be clearly promoted in this way. This process allows us to be prepared to cater for the number of youth attending the activity. If there's no info about registrations or tickets, it's likely the activity allows youth to simply come and go as they wish.
Is there transport available?
City of Karratha Youth Services occasionally provide transport for young people to attend activities, and to utilise this service registrations and consent from parent or guardian is required. For major events such as the annual Youth Week celebrations, buses from outlying towns to the event/s are provided. Such activities and events are promoted with the relevant transport information. 
General transport options for young people to attend City of Karratha youth centres and programs is not provided by the City itself. TransKarratha provides intra-town and inter-town public bus services in our region and more info about routes can be found here
Are healthy food and drinks provided and can my child bring food and drinks in?
Youth centres and outreach programs provide a range of snacks and meals for young people, depending on the activity and time of day. Generally, healthy snacks and meals are provided for young people such as curries, BBQs, wraps, toasties, stews, pastas and more.
Young people can bring their own food if they wish to do so however, sugary drinks are not provided and we discourage young people bringing their own sugary drinks. Youth Staff are consistently educating young people about the harmful effects to their health from consuming products with no nutritional value.
What's the best way to get in contact with a Youth Staff member?
The best way to get in touch with our Youth Services team is to email
If you need to get in touch quicker, you can phone your closest youth centre -
The Base: 08 9186 8045 / 0429 061 652
The Youth Shed: 08 9186 8576 / 0417 021 087
What tolerance is there for bullying, swearing and antisocial behaviours?
There is zero tolerance for bullying, swearing and antisocial behaviour. Youth Staff implement a Behaviour Management Policy to ensure provision of:
  • A safe and engaging environment
  • A variety of fun and exciting activities
  • Effective supervision for the duration of the program
  • Enforcing a behaviour management system based on positive reinforcement, ample warnings for negative behaviour and acknowledgement of achievement
The THREE STRIKE WARNING SYSTEM is acknowledged and enforced by Youth Services staff across all programs and venues. 
  1. First Warning: The young person is verbally made aware of their inappropriate behaviour and why it is not appropriate.
  2. Second Warning: The young person is verbally informed about their continuing behaviour and removed from the group for a period, at the discretion of Youth Services staff.
  3. Third Warning: If the young person continues to demonstrate inappropriate behaviour, Youth Services staff will ask the young person to depart from programming and the facility. Youth Services staff will contact their parent/guardian for immediate collection. If the youth is not collected and will not leave the premise, Police may be called.

Disclaimer: Youth Services staff reserve the right to ask a young person to leave the program/facility immediately and will instantly escalate any incidences of violence or damage to property, displays of threatening behaviour, or any other behaviours warranting escalation as deemed by Youth Services staff.
Does the City of Karratha provide 1:1 support for young people?
No, City of Karratha Youth Staff do not provide this service. Our Youth Staff are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of members whilst they are participating in Youth Services activities and to ensure young people have support available if required. Our Youth Staff often work closely with youth support agencies whose core service offering is providing individualised support for young people, for a range of needs. If you have any issues or concerns, or want some advice, let a staff member know.   

Youth Strategy 2019-24

Download the Youth Strategy 2019-24 here (16MB PDF)

Term 1 2020

Karratha and Dampier 


Roebourne, Wickham, Point Samson

City of Karratha Youth Advisory Group

The aim of the Youth Advisory Group (YAG) is to create a mutually respectful partnership with young people in the City of Karratha, so that young people’s ideas, skills, perspectives and contributions are valued. The City of Karratha invites the voice of young people to input into a range of City functions.