City of Karratha

Waste water systems

Waste water systems include septic tanks, aerobic treatment units (ATUs), waste water treatment plants and wash down pads. In areas where reticulated sewerage is unavailable, onsite disposal of wastewater is required. Please follow these directions to apply to install a waste water systems.

1. Complete and return an application form including site plans that are to scale and include:

-Location of waste water system including drains and pipe work;
-Location of any buildings on the property;
-Distance from buildings, boundaries, bores, waterway and water bodies;
-Location of trafficable areas; and
-Contours to indicate slope of the land.

2. An Environmental Health Officer will contact you to arrange assessment of the system according to legislative requirements

3. Upon completion of the installation and prior to backfilling the system, a final inspection must be carried out by an Environmental Health Officer.

4. Once an as constructed plan and Certificate of Compliance from the Plumbers Licencing Board is submitted to the City, a permit to use may be issued.

All applications must be lodged to the Local Government Authority (LGA) in the first instance. If it is intended that the proposed apparatus will handle less than 540L/day of wastewater OR the building to be serviced is a single dwelling, the LGA will process your application. If the wastewater volume generated is more than 540L/day AND the building being serviced is not a single dwelling, the LGA will assesses your application, prepare a local government report and forward the application to the Department of Health.

Please visit the Department of Health website for detailed information about wastewater.