City of Karratha

Try Local Cash Vouchers

In June 2020 Council endorsed a range of initiatives aimed at helping small businesses and the community through the COVID-19 pandemic. To date we’ve invested $4.3 million towards the recovery of our community.

As part of this support, the City is providing 8,500 households with $100 Try Local vouchers to be spent at local businesses in partnership with Karratha Districts Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KDCCI) and Rio Tinto. That’s $850,000 injected back into our local economy, a genuine and generous collaboration designed to support local business – one of the areas hit hardest due to the pandemic.  

Want to find out more? Check out some frequently asked questions below, or get in touch with the KDCCI.

How do I get the $100?
Each household in the City of Karratha will be mailed instructions on how to access the Try Local $100 voucher. 

What happens if I do not have a mail box? Or a PO Box?
If you do not have a letter box or PO Box please visit the KDCCI at 18 Hedland Place, Karratha Monday through to Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm with ID that shows your home address and name.
They will check your address has not been activated and support you with accessing your Try Local Cash voucher.

Where can I use the $100?
At any Try Local registered businesses in the City of Karratha. Currently, there are over 100 registered stores, they can be viewed once you've logged onto the Try Local site, under the store icon.
These businesses range from cafes, restaurants, giftware retailers, beauty services, grocery retailers, local tour operators, automotive suppliers, accountant services, travel agencies, building and renovating companies – and more!

What can I buy with my Try Local voucher?
You can use your $100 voucher towards the total price, or bit-by-bit on any product(s) at participating Try Local registered businesses. 
The Try Local Cash Program will not support the purchase of takeaway packaged alcohol and tobacco product.

How long do I have to spend the $100?
Once loaded, funds will be available until the 30 September 2020 – this is around an 8 week program. The City provided funds will automatically expire and disappear at midnight on the 30 September 2020.

There are a few of us in our household, will we each get $100?
No, there will be 1 voucher per household regardless of the number of adults in household. It is up to the household to decide who manages and spends $100.

I am yet to receive my letter, someone has stolen my letter or I think I have misplaced my letter.
If you are yet to receive your letter by the 10 August or have misplaced your letter, please contact the KDCCI on 9144 1999. 
If you think someone has stolen your letter, please report theft to the Karratha Police by contacting them on 13 14 44. You may then attend the KDCCI at 18 Hedland Place, Karratha Monday through to Friday 8:30-4:30pm with your ID that shows your home address, name and police report details. KDCCI can then support you with activating the Try Local Cash Program and accessing your $100.

Can I donate my $100 to a charity/ not-for-profit?  
No, the purpose of the Try-Local cash program is to support our local business community who have been doing it tough over the pandemic.  The City of Karratha has separately endorsed the COVID-19 Community: City Support Package, which includes measures to support community groups and organizations.  The voucher is for your household, but if you chose not to spend it we will use unwanted and remaining funds towards other City COVID-19 initiatives.
To find out more, please visit

Can I use my $100 towards the City COVID-19 support initiative offering 20% off local tours and bookings through the Karratha Visitor and Tourist Centre?
You sure can! Activate your voucher and head into the Karratha Tourism & Visitor Centre on De Witt Road in Karratha!

I am a local business, how do I get involved?
We encourage all local businesses to register for the Try Local program, from now until September 2020 it is FREE to participate! The City is paying for businesses KDCCI membership registration which would normally cost $99 ( for 6 months) and there are other benefits as part of this membership. You can register here:

Who is running the program?
The City of Karratha has contracted the KDCCI to run this initiative through their Try Local program. Rio Tinto have funded the development of the Try Local website.

If you still have questions, please contact the KDCCI by clicking here or calling (08)9144 1999