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Wickham Community Hub

The City of Karratha seeks to deliver a contemporary community hub in Wickham that connects the community and provides a facility that meets existing demand for community space while catering for future requirements. This project is proudly supported by Rio Tinto and Lotterywest.
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Tambrey Pavilion

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Effluent Reuse Scheme (ERS) Upgrade

The $11 million project replaced and expanded Karratha's ageing recycled water infrastructure to ensure all existing and future planned public green spaces are watered more frequently and with higher quality treated recycled water.
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Roebourne Structure Plan

The Roebourne Structure Plan provides an overarching framework for the revitalisation and future development of one of our oldest towns. It represents a new future for the people of Roebourne, acknowledging the role of local Aboriginal Corporations and working with them to create a better future.

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Freedom of Information Act

Find out everything you need to know about the Freedom of Information Act, which gives you the right to apply for access to documents held by State Public Sector agencies including: Government Departments; Local Authorities; Statutory Authorities and Ministers.
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Pavilion Hire

Looking to hire a pavilion or hall for your next event. There are a few options in the City of Karratha, and this page details them all for you.

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Underground Power

The Pilbara Underground Power Project (PUPP) is a partnership between the State Government, through Royalties for Regions and Local Government, delivered by Horizon Power. The project aims to provide cyclone affected North West towns with a safe and reliable Underground Power supply, by replacing aging overhead electricity infrastructure with underground networks.

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Roebourne Districts SES Unit

This tender was awarded to Prefab Building Systems Australia at the October 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting. Design development was completed to incorporate a number of changes requested by the Client and local SES and DFES branches.

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Lazy Lands

In April, 2013, Council considered the Draft Business Plan prepared pursuant to Section 3.59 of the Local Government Act 1995 (relates to land transaction - acquisition, disposal  of development of land) for 5 of 6 sites allocated to the Shire under Stage 1 of the State Government’s Residential Infill Program (aka Lazy Lands Program). 

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Red Earth Arts Precinct

The Red Earth Arts Precinct provides innovative, contemporary community facilities that reflect current and future community needs.

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Karratha city centre infrastructure works

The Karratha city centre development is important for Karratha's continued growth. The City of Karratha, in partnership with LandCorp and the State Government, is developing a vibrant and attractive city centre.

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Karratha Airport Terminal Redevelopment

This project extended the life and improved the functionality of the existing airport terminal to enable extensive planning to be undertaken for the long term future capacity and land use at the airport. The airport terminal upgrade markedly improved the aesthetics and customer experience at the terminal.

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Dampier Community Hub Project

The project was to construct a new purpose built Community Hub facility in the town of Dampier. A funding partnership for the project was signed by the City of Karratha and Rio Tinto.

The architects appointed to the project were Gresley Abas Architects. The project is now complete, with the official opening held 9 July 2016.

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Major Projects

The City's working hard to deliver improved infrastructure for our community. In recent years, we have built and upgraded key community facilities, including the Red Earth Arts Precinct, Dampier foreshore redevelopment, Karratha Leisureplex, Wickham SES, Karratha 7 Mile Waste Facility, Karratha Airport, Dampier and Wickham Community Hubs and Walgu Park with a focus on quality and value for money. To find out more about our projects, please click below.

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Technical Services Specifications

If you are working on a residential development then this is an important page for you. Below is the Stormwater Design Guidelines PDF for Residential Developments. 
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Council Meeting Minutes and Agendas

The table below contains all agendas and meeting minutes from our council meetings.

For minutes and agendas from 2009 - 2013 click here.

For Council meeting dates click here.

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Annual Reports


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Residential Infill (Lazy Lands Project)

A look into the Lazy Lands project (Residential Infill) and how it effects City of Karratha.

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Public Notifications

Find out what's in store for the City of Karratha - from town planning schemes to policy changes to new developments.

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Point Samson District Structure Plan

Point Samson is acknowledged as having a well-defined and unique strategic role within the Pilbara. The positive relationship between the towns recreational, lifestyle, tourism and fishing opportunities are recognised.

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Development Application forms and checklists

A listing of all relevant planning forms.

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Local Planning Strategy

An insight into City of Karratha's planning for the future and responses to land development through the local planning strategy.

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Local Planning Scheme

An overview of the Planning Scheme and planning policies for the City of Karratha past and present.

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Local Planning Policies

Local planning policies help communicate the development and use of land related objectives of the City of Karratha.

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Karratha Revitalisation Strategy

An exciting new project that will guide the redevelopment and improvement of Karratha’s oldest neighbourhoods of Millars Well, Pegs Creek and Bulgarra

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A list of sites of value to the City of Karratha in an increasingly changing cultural landscape.

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Environmental Studies

A look into the environmental involvement throughout the City of Karratha, including foreshore management plans, environmental strategies and more!

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Design Guidelines

An outline of design principles for those looking to develop within the city centre and residential estates.

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Information on Subdivisions

Looking to subdivide? You have found the right place.

Look down and you will see all the information you need on this topic in 4 easy to read PDFs, enjoy.

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Landscaping Verges

The good news is that Council’s policy is to encourage and support the development of road verges in urban areas.

But before you start, it's probably a good idea to have a quick look over the general conditions detailed below.

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Vehicle Crossover/Rear Access Way

Building a vehicle crossover (commonly known as a driveway)? Building a rear access way? (Available to Dampier properties only)

This page has the forms you need. Grab your Application for Vehicle Crossover Subsidy below


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Road Closures

There is a lot of room to move up here so the last thing anyone wants is to not be able to move from A to B.

So, whether you are going somewhere or working on something that might stop people getting past - this is the page for you.

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Roads & Footpaths

The Council is responsible for the majority of roads within the city however some are private access roads and others are maintained by Main Roads WA.

This page has info on who to talk to about them plus important forms for when you are working on construction of roadworks or drainage or in a reserve.

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Building Services

Looking to start building in the near future? This page is your first stop.

Here you will find a series of forms and information sheets about everything to do with building from putting up a boat port to building your next mansion.

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Plans - Strategic, Business, Community

Want to know more about what your Council stands for and what they have planned for the next few years?

You have come to the right place. This page lets you know everything from the Council's vision through to the community plan up until 2022.

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Our Council

Get to know your Council. This page covers the basics about who your Council members are and some details about the next elections in 2017.

If you are interested in finding out more or even discussing anything with your local member, simply give us a call on 9186 8555.

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Stay in touch with everything going on in your community. This page has the full collection of our local policies.


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Local Laws

It's always a good to be in the right. Below you will find local laws on everything from keeping bees to having a party in public places.

Just read below and click of the title to download the in-depth PDF for each.

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Local Government Elections

The City of Karratha are required to conduct local government elections every second year on the third Saturday in October.

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There are lots of people working to keep the City of Karratha ticking along.

This page has a few of the key stakeholders who help ensure everything goes to plan.

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Council Meeting Dates

Council Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month in the Council Chambers of the City of Karratha office located on Welcome Road, unless otherwise noted (see below).

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Differential rates


In accordance with Section 6.36 of the Local Government Act 1995, the City of Karratha is required to publish its proposed Differential Rates.

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