City of Karratha

Small Community Grant

Applications for the Small Community Grants can be submitted at any time during the year. Successful applicants will receive upfront payment of the Grant, upon receipt of a valid tax invoice.

Please ensure you have read and understood the Community Grants and Contributions Guidelines prior to apply. 

Use these templates when completing your application, budget and project timeline details:

  1. Small Community Grant Application Form 
  2. Budget Template 
  3. Project Timeline Template

Applications can be submitted via email to

For further information please contact our Community Engagement Grants officer on 08 9186 8555 or

This is the name of the initiative that these funds will go towards
The best person to contact regarding this application
Please include the name of the officer contacted and date contacted if you know these details
Please outline the objectives of your organisation including the services/benefits your organisation provides to the community. Please include the towns you service. If this is an auspice project, please outline how the auspice organisation aligns with your initiative.
Definition of non-profit: A non-profit organisation is an organisation that is not operating for the profit or gain of its individual members, whether these gains have been direct or indirect. This applies both while the organisation is operating and when it finishes. Any profit made by the organisation goes back into the operation of the organisation to carry out its purposes and is not distributed to any of its members.
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