City of Karratha

Off-Road Vehicles

Under the Control of Vehicles (Off Road Areas) Act 1978 it is an offence to drive or ride an off-road vehicle within the City of Karratha, unless it is used on private land with the owner's consent.

Off-road vehicles include trail bikes, two and four wheeled motor bikes, go-carts and buggies.

Before going Off-Road it's important to read the information brochure about off-roading:

The City of Karratha and the WA Police take the riding/driving of off road vehicles in non-permitted areas seriously and may seize the vehicle, prosecute or issue infringements.

All off-road vehicles used in areas covered by the Act, other than on private land with consent of the owner, must be registered.



Rangers, WA Police and other authorised officers can issue infringement notices. Offenders who use off road vehicles in non permitted areas could have their vehicle seized and impounded for up to 12 months and face a $1000 fine.

Drive/ride an off-road vehicle in a non permitted area$250$500
Any motor vehicle (other than road registered) must be off-road registered$200 
Failure to wear protective helmet$400$800

Karratha has two permitted areas. Contact Ranger Services on 9186 8555 for more information. 

There are limitations to where road-registered vehicles including four-wheel-drives and road/trail bikes can be taken.  Drainage reserves and parks are strictly off-limits. Contact Ranger Services on 9186 8555 for further information.


Report illegal off road vehicle use

Off-road vehicle use is only permitted on private property with consent or in a permitted area within the City of Karratha.

If you see someone in an area not permitted please contact the appropriate authority with as much information as possible, including:

  • registration details
  • description of the motor bike or vehicle
  • day, time and location

For off-road vehicles driven/ridden on the road contact the WA Police on 9143 7200.

For all other areas contact the City of Karratha, Ranger Services on 9186 8555.