City of Karratha

Off Road Vehicle Offender Report Form

We know off road vehicles are popular for recreation in the Pilbara but we also need to protect our foreshores and sand dunes from the erosion they can cause. Driving vehicles on sand dunes like those at Back Beach is prohibited and rangers have been issuing infringements to make sure we don't ruin our beautiful foreshore.

The City of Karratha is currently working on an Off Roads vehicle management strategy to provide better facilities for Trail Bike riders and to discourage anti-social, unsafe or nuisance riding.

We encourage you to report all trail riders that behave in an inconsiderate or unsafe manner. All reports will be taken seriously and investigated by the Rangers department.

How do I report Off Road Vehicle offenders?

Rangers will investigate every report received. The more information you provide us the better we can:

  1. Identify the person responsible
  2. Make the person accountable for their behaviour
  3. Educate the person to pursue their pastime in a responsible manner


So we can more thoroughly investigate the matter, please fill out the form as much as you can.

If you only have limited information, submit the form with what you have anyway and we will do what we can to establish the rest.

If you wish to speak directly to the Rangers please call 9186 8555.

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