City of Karratha

Plans - Strategic, Business, Community

Want to know more about what your council stands for, as well as what they have planned for the next few years?

You have come to the right place. This page lets you know everything from the Council's vision through to the community plan up until 2026.

Our Vision

Australia's most liveable regional city.


Our Mission

To provide community leadership and excellent local government services in an innovative and efficient manner to enhance our City’s social, cultural, economic and environmental wellbeing.


Our Values

Leadership: We will provide clear direction and inspire people to achieve their full potential.
Teamwork:  We will encourage co-operation and teamwork within and between our employees and our community stakeholder.
Integrity: To act in an honest, professional, accountable and transparent manner.
Innovation: We will encourage creativity, innovation and initiative to achieve Council’s vision.


Annual Reports and Community Surveys

View the archive of annual reports and community surveys

Budgets and Fees and Charges

View the archive of annual budgets including fees and charges

Strategic Community Plan

The Strategic Community Plan 2020–2030 represents our new approach to planning for the City of Karratha’s future. It builds on our past strategic planning work, addresses the challenges we face and sets out what actions we will take in the next 10 years to work towards achieving the community’s vision.

This plan has been developed through engaging our communities using a number of strategies including community surveys, community forums and community feedback. The new Strategic Community Plan presents our community’s vision for the future and states the actions we need to take to achieve our vision. The new plan is also supported by our financial management, asset planning and workforce commitment. 

The Strategic Community Plan 2020–2030 is now available to the community. Copies of the Strategic Community Plan 2020–2030 are available for viewing at the City of Karratha Administration Office, Welcome Road, Karratha. View the 2020 - 2030 Strategic Community Plan  (4MB)

Strategic Asset Management Plan 2019 - 2024

View the Asset Management Plan  (4MB)

Long Term Financial Plan 2019 - 2029

View the Long Term Financial Plan  (2MB)

Corporate Business Plan 2020-2025

View the 2020-2025 Corporate Business Plan  (3MB)


Operational Plan

2021/2021 Operational Plan  (0.86 MB)

2020/2021 Operational Plan  (0.44 MB)

2019/2020 Operational Plan  (0.16 MB)

2018/2019 Operational Plan  (0.16 MB)

2017/18 Operational Plan  (0.4 MB)

2016/17 Operational Plan  (0.18 MB)

2015/2016 Operational Plan  (0.18 MB)

2014/2015 Operational Plan  (0.18 MB)

2013/2014 Operational Plan (4MB)

2012/2013 Operational Plan (12MB)

Safer Communities Partnership Strategic Plan

View the Safer Communities Partnership Strategic Plan  (1MB)

Youth Development Engagement Plan

Download the Youth Development Engagement Plan  (5MB)


Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Download the Environmental Sustainability Strategy  (12.5MB)

Business Plans

The Quarter HQ Business Plan  (3 MB)

Karratha Airport Business Plan  (3 MB)

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Engagement Strategy

Download the ATSI Engagement Strategy  (3.2MB)

We're currently reviewing this strategy. For further information, please contact our Community Engagement Officer on 9186 8634

10-Year Footpath Strategy

View the Ten Year Footpath Strategy  (2.2 MB)

View the Footpath Lighting Strategy  (3MB)

Age Friendly Strategy 2021-2026

View the Age Friendly Strategy 2021-2026 (8mb)
View the Age Friendly Strategy 2021 - 2026 (large print)  (1.5mb)