City of Karratha

Number plates

Special series City of Karratha number plates offering a choice of up to four digits are now available.  Apart from looking great, the plates contribute to a sense of identity and promote your city wherever you travel. 

  • Applications can only be picked up at the City of Karratha Administration Centre, Welcome Road, Karratha
  • Apply for your favourite number (if available) maximum four numbers. Enquire with the Customer Service Team to see what numbers are available
  • Plates will have the number with City logo followed by the letter “K”
  • Cost is $300 per application with part proceeds going towards a fundraising project – the War Memorial cenotaph project
  • The City of Karratha Local Authority Plate Series can only be fitted to a motor vehicle, trailer or caravan. They cannot be fitted to motor bikes, taxi, omnibus or any other vehicle that requires specific identifying number plates
  • Plates can only be attached to Western Australian licensed vehicle.

For more information, an application form, or to check the numbers on offer, please contact our Customer Service Team on (08) 9186 8555.