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Local Government Elections

This page lets you know who your elected members of Council are, the wards they represent and their terms. Additionally we also provide for your reference information on the City’s election process and key dates.

Local Government

The City of Karratha is required to conduct local government elections every second year on the third Saturday in October. The Members of Council (Mayor and 10 Councillors) are elected for four year terms, with half of the Members of Council’s terms concluding at each biennial election. The City has chosen to conduct its ordinary election as a postal election run by the Western Australian Electoral Commission. The Commission appoints a Returning Officer who oversees the elections which includes taking candidate nominations and supervising the count on election night.

Notice: City of Karratha Local Government Election results 2021

The next date for ordinary local government elections is October, 2023. To find out more about voting, nominations and candidates please visit our Local Government Election 2021 information page

Ward Representation

Members of Council are represented amongst electors from each of the Wards and are elected to serve the whole local government district.  The City of Karratha is currently represented by:



Expiring term

Dampier Ward

Cr Gillian Furlong





Karratha Ward

Cr Margaret Bertling



Cr Geoff Harris



Cr Peter Long (MAYOR)



Cr Travis McNaught



Cr Daniel Scott



Cr Pablo Miller



Cr Daiva Gillam



Cr Jo Waterstrom Muller





Wickham/Point Samson/Roebourne/Cossack/Pastoral Ward

Cr Garry Bailey



Cr Kelly Nunn (DEPUTY MAYOR)



Dampier Ward Boundary (click image for full size)

Karratha Ward Boundary (click image for full size)

Wickham/Point Samson/Roebourne/ Cossack/Pastoral Ward (click image for full size)

Enrol to vote

Visit the WA Electoral Commission's website to check if you're on the electoral roll. You do not need to renew if your details are correct on the State’s Residents Roll for the district of Karratha.

If you are not on the State’s Residents Roll as a resident of the City of Karratha and you want to vote, you must complete or update (if you have recently re-located from another part of Australia) your Australian Electoral Commission profile. You can enrol online or complete an enrolment form by following this link: Enrol to vote for Commonwealth, State or Local Government.

If you are an owner or occupier of land and resident outside of the City of Karratha or a ward where you have a property interest, you can also register to vote by completing this form. If your claim has been accepted, this will allow you to be on the Owners and Occupiers Roll for the City of Karratha for a period of two ordinary election cycles. After the second election, you will need to re-enrol. If you need any assistance, please contact the City of Karratha on 9186 8555. 

Other Websites links

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For further information please contact the City of Karratha on 9186 8555.