City of Karratha

Local Fire Information

If you observe a Fire/Bushfire anywhere please call Emergency Services by dialing 000. 

Bush Fire Control 

Restricted fire season exists all year within the City of Karratha.

Fire permits are REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES for any open air fires.

Lighting of fires in the open air within the City of Karratha for the purpose of camping or cooking are prohibited on days of Very High, Severe, Extreme or Catastrophic fire danger forecast (this includes gas cooking appliances).


Minor Offences (Infringement Notice)


Failing to produce a Permit to Burn


Lighting a fire in the open air


Lighting a fire to destroy refuse contrary to conditions


Setting fire to bush during restricted burning times


Failure of the occupier of the land to extinguish a bush fire


Failure to comply with a notice to plough or clear firebreaks


Major offences will result in court action with penalties ranging from $500 to $25,000 or imprisonment for twenty (20) years or both.

Permit to Burn
Information required for a Permit to Burn:

  • Name of the person conducting the burn.
  • The location, lot number and/or street address of the property to which the permit will apply to.
  • What fire fighting equipment and resources you have and is it in good working order?
  • Supply a safety plan.
  • What is the size of the burn to take place?
  • Are fire breaks installed and can an emergency fire unit gain access to the area being burnt?
  • What materials are you proposing to burn?

Note: Applying for a Permit to Burn does not mean it will be automatically issued.

Please contact the Ranger Co-ordinator on 9186 8535 for fire permits.

Fire break notice

Owner or occupiers of land within the City of Karratha are hereby notified that you must comply with the Bush Fires Act 1954, (the Act) section 33, and carry out annal fire prevention work as set out in this notice. 

It is the responsibility of the owner or occupier to maintain the property free of fire hazards and have all fire breaks installed as per the requirements of thus notice and maintain the land in condition for the entire year.

Persons who fail to comply with the requirements of this order may be issued with an infrigement notice which carries a modified penalty of $250 and a maximum penalty of $25,000. In accordance with the Act, Council may carry out the required works at the expense of the land owner or occupier regardless if issused with an infrigement notice or prosecuted. 


  1. Rural and Town-site Land (includes residential, commercial and industrial): 
    a) Where the area of land is 2024m2 (approximately half an acre) or less, remove all flammable material on the land except living standing trees from the whole land. 
    b) Where the area of land exceeds 2024m2, provide fire breaks at least three (3) metres wide, immediately inside all external boundaries of the land and also immediately surrounding all buildings and haystacks situated on the land. Where several adjoining lots are held or used by the owner/occupier, the firebreaks may be provided inside and along the external boundaries of the group or lot.
  2. Special Rural Land: 
    The owners of all small rural holdings zoned as Special Rural under Town Planning Schemes must maintain clear of all flammable materials a dire break at least three (3) metres wide, immediately inside all external boundaries of the land.
  3. Fuel and/or Gas Depots: In respect of land owned and/or occupied by you on which is situated any container normally used to contain liquid or gas fuel, including the land on which any ramp or supports are constructed, you shall have the land clear of all flammable material.


Firebreaks must be maintained fuel-free year round. The City of Karratha is a designated "Restricted Burning" area;

A Permit to Burn is required from 1 January to 31 December (inclusive); and

On days of Very High, Severe, Extreme and Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating, as issued by Bureau of Meteorology, you are prohibited to burn-off or to use cooking fires. For more information on fire danger ratings and Total Bans please visit the DFES website.

For all other firebreak enquiries, please contact the City of Karratha on (08) 9186 8555.

The City of Karratha’s Waste facility sites are free for residential rubbish including green waste.