City of Karratha

Storm Surge

A new storm surge policy incorporating the latest data and modelling will give clarity to those property owners within higher storm surge risk areas about what is now required should they wish to build a new dwelling or extend the current one.

The new policy introduces a range of performance based approaches for new developments, expanding the limited options that were previously available.

The Storm Surge Risk Policy is accompanied by new Storm Surge Vulnerability Maps to give residents, home owners and property developers greater clarity with regards the location of properties relative to potential storm surge areas and provides useful information about potential inundation in an extreme event.

City of Karratha Mayor Peter Long said the up to date storm surge modelling has been long overdue and will allow for better and faster decision making with the new maps showing a lower level of risk for many properties than modelled in the past.

“Storm surge mapping is very complex and our officers have taken over 100 calls in the consultation period from residents wanting more information about the new storm surge policy, development opportunities and any likely risk to their property,” Cr Long said.

“Now that we have this mapping people can inform themselves of the new development requirements and potential risks and take the necessary steps and precautions” he said.

“We are continuing to work with residents to ensure that they fully understand the implications of the policy with regards to their property and will be continuing to talk through the maps with anyone concerned.”

The more detailed modelling has seen many properties that were previously considered vulnerable to storm surge moved out of the predicted storm surge areas while providing clear direction as to what is required if contemplating future development for those properties still within the identified storm surge areas.

Any residents or property owners who want clarification on the flood maps or the policy can contact customer service on 9186 8555.


Scheme Amendment No. 27 to Town Planning Scheme No. 8 and 
DP19 Storm Surge Risk Area Planning Policy