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This is where you’ll find all the documents you're looking for like council minutes, laws and regulations and all the forms you could ever want.



Landscaping Verges

The good news is that Council’s policy is to encourage and support the development of road verges in urban areas.

But before you start, it's probably a good idea to have a quick look over the general conditions detailed below.

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Vehicle Crossover/Rear Access Way

Building a vehicle crossover (commonly known as a driveway)? Building a rear access way? (Available to Dampier properties only)

This page has the forms you need. Grab your Application for Vehicle Crossover Subsidy below


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Road Closures

There is a lot of room to move up here so the last thing anyone wants is to not be able to move from A to B.

So, whether you are going somewhere or working on something that might stop people getting past - this is the page for you.

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Roads & Footpaths

The Council is responsible for the majority of roads within the city however some are private access roads and others are maintained by Main Roads WA.

This page has info on who to talk to about them plus important forms for when you are working on construction of roadworks or drainage or in a reserve.

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Building Services

Looking to start building in the near future? This page is your first stop.

Here you will find a series of forms and information sheets about everything to do with building from putting up a boat port to building your next mansion.

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Plans - Strategic, Business, Community

Want to know more about what your Council stands for and what they have planned for the next few years?

You have come to the right place. This page lets you know everything from the Council's vision through to the community plan up until 2022.

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Our Council

Get to know your Council. This page covers the basics about who your Council members are and some details about the next elections in 2023.

If you are interested in finding out more or even discussing anything with your local member, simply give us a call on 9186 8555.

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Stay in touch with everything going on in your community. This page has the full collection of our local policies.


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Local laws

It's always good to be in the right. Below you will find local laws on everything from keeping bees to having a party in public places.

Just read below and click on the title to download the in-depth PDF for each.

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Local Government Elections

The City of Karratha are required to conduct local government elections every second year on the third Saturday in October.

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