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This is where you’ll find all the documents you're looking for like council minutes, laws and regulations and all the forms you could ever want.



Public Notifications

Find out what's in store for the City of Karratha - from town planning schemes to policy changes to new developments.

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Point Samson District Structure Plan

Point Samson is acknowledged as having a well-defined and unique strategic role within the Pilbara. The positive relationship between the towns recreational, lifestyle, tourism and fishing opportunities are recognised.

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Development Application forms and checklists

A listing of all relevant planning forms.

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Local Planning Strategy

An insight into City of Karratha's planning for the future and responses to land development through the local planning strategy.

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Local Planning Scheme

An overview of the Planning Scheme and planning policies for the City of Karratha past and present.

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Local Planning Policies

Local planning policies help communicate the development and use of land related objectives of the City of Karratha.

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Karratha Revitalisation Strategy

An exciting new project that will guide the redevelopment and improvement of Karratha’s oldest neighbourhoods of Millars Well, Pegs Creek and Bulgarra

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A list of sites of value to the City of Karratha in an increasingly changing cultural landscape.

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Environmental Studies

A look into the environmental involvement throughout the City of Karratha, including foreshore management plans, environmental strategies and more!

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Design Guidelines

An outline of design principles for those looking to develop within the city centre and residential estates.

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