City of Karratha

Closed Tenders

Here’s where you can find our recently closed and awarded tenders.


RFT01-18/19Tree Pruning12/10/2018Lockwright Holdings Pty Ltd (North West Tree Services)
RFT02-18/19Sweeping of Roads, Paths, Pavements and Specialised Cleaning12/09/18
Contract 1 - Street Sweeping
Cleanaway Waste Management
Contract 2 - Specialised Cleaning
Blue Hat T/A Damel Cleaning Services
RFT03-18/19Mooligunn Road Reconstruction19/10/2018Karratha Earthmoving & Sand Supplies
EOI04-18/19Welcome Park Public Art12/09/18NO ACCEPTABLE TENDERERS
RFT05-18/19Village Road Culvert Upgrade Works07/11/18TCD Civil Construction
RFT06-18/19Use of Lot 361 (5) Mulga Way, WIckham for GP Medical Services7/11/2018NO TENDERS RECEIVED
DOP07-18/19Disposal of Mini Golf Holes and Equipment19/09/18IN PROGRESS
RFT08-18/19Welcome Park - Landscape Construction23/11/18GBSC Yurra Pty ltd
RFT09-18/19Dampier Palms - Public Art Commission28/11/18IN PROGRESS
RFT10-18/19Primary Waste Shredder14/11/18CSS EQUIPMENT
RFT11-18/19Dampier Palms Foreshore - Construction20/12/18IN PROGRESS
RFT12-18/19Dewitt Road Entry Statement18/03/19IN PROGRESS
RFT13-18/19Curatorial Services for Public Art Installations28/11/18Element Advisory Pty Ltd
RFT14-18/19Leachate Extraction System - 7 Mile Waste Facility12/12/18IN PROGRESS
RFT15-18/19Provision and Implementation of Corporate Asset Management System23/01/19Assetic Australia Pty Ltd
EOI16-18/19Inter-Regional Flight Proposal12/12/18
1.   Aviair
RFT17-18/19Dampier Road Pedestrian Bridge - Stage 510/12/18D & S WELLS (WA) Pty Ltd
RFT18-18/19DCH Dehumidification Units05/12/18Burke Air Pty Ltd
RFT19-18/19Wickham Recreation Precinct Design & Construct IN PROGRESS
DOP20-18/19Disposal of HDPE and Plastics from the 7 Mile Waste Facility07/12/18IN PROGRESS
RFT21-18/19Dampier Palms Pavilion Refurbishment20/12/18Mitie Construction Pty Ltd
RFT22-18/19Broadband Wireless Network Upgrade06/02/19Solcomm Pty Ltd
RFT23-18/19Culvert Construction - Millstream Rd Stage 220/03/19Leethall Construction Pty Ltd
RFT24-18/19Installation of Solar Pedestrian Lighting20/02/19Leethall Construction Pty Ltd


RFT27-18/19Wickham Sports Lighting Upgrade06/03/19IN PROGRESS
RFT30-18/19Supply & Install Cyclone Security Screens06/03/19West Pilbara Enterprises Pty Ltd
T/A Profix Australia
RFT33-18/19Inter-Regional Flights10/04/19IN PROGRESS


RFT01-17/18KACP Pedestrian Bridge31/08/2017D & S WELLS (WA) Pty Lts
RFT02-17/18International Charter Flights TENDER DISCONTINUED
RFT03-17/18Depot Administration Area Construction29/08/2017Pindan Pty Ltd
RFT04-17/187 Mile Landfill Class III Cell Construction12/10/2017Ertech Pty Ltd
RFT05-17/18The Quarter - Strata & Property Management Services RFT NUMBER DISCONTINUED
RFT06-17/18City Centre Intersection Upgrades 13/09/2017Karratha Earthmoving & Sand Supplies
RFT07-17/18Dampier Lions Park Upgrade20/12/2017Total Eden Pty Ltd
RFT08-17/18REAP Library Cabinetry11/10/2017Access Office Industries
RFT09-17/18Community Leases31/08/2017Onyx Group WA Pty Ltd
RFT10-17/18Bulgarra Multipurpose Court Synthetic Turf - Supply and Installation31/01/2018Sport and Recreation Surfaces Pty Ltd
RFT11-17/18KACP Tree Transplanting13/09/2017Arbor Centre Pty Ltd
RFT12-17/18Supply Retic Pipe and Fittings27/09/2017Reece Plumbing - Brunswick
RFT13-17/18Wickham Squash Courts Refurbishment18/10/2018Mitie Construction Pty Ltd
RFT14-17/18Millstream Rd Pedestrian Bridge D&S Wells (WA) Pty Ltd
RFT15-17/18Solar Pedestrian Lighting20/12/2017Green Frog Systems Pty Ltd
RFT16-17/18Wickham Hospital Demolition6/12/2017CMA Contracting
RFT17-17/18Karratha Terminal Airport Hangar25/01/2018Crothers Construction Pty Ltd
RFT 18-17/18Supply & Installation Blinds at Level 2, Quarter HQ27/09/2017NO TENDERS RECEIVED
RFT19-17/18Point Samson Viewing Platform21/02/2018Trasan Contracting Pty Ltd
RFT20-17/18Minor Works - Reticulation Services18/10/2017JJ Scolari & RB Anderson (Turf Guru)
RFT21-17/18Depot Solar PV System Perdaman Advanced Energy Pty Ltd
RFT22-17/18Minor works - Plumbing18/05/2018Dampier Plumbing and Gas Pty Ltd
RFT23-17/18Point Samson - Drainage and Boardwalk Construction17/01/2018Norwest Contracting
RFT24-17/18KTA - Airside Electrical Cable Installation25/01/2018NO SUITABLE TENDERER
RFT25-17/18Wickham and Karratha Dune Rehab7/02/2018Frogmat Landscape Construction
RFT26-17/18Cleaning Services8/02/2018

1. Blue Hat Group T/A Damel Cleaning Services
2. Denniston Basset Holdings T/A Shelf Cleaning Services

Dampier Community Hub NOT AWARDED

RFT27-17/18Place Branding Services2/02/2018303 MullenLowe Pty Ltd
RFT28-17/18HR Software14/03/2018IN PROGRESS
RFT29-17/18Mooligunn Road Reconstruction TENDER DISCONTINUED
RFT30-17/18Provision of Vehicle Towing20/04/2018Roebourne Dingo Hire
RFT31-17/18Hearson's Cove Replacement Shade Structures16/03/2018Trasan Contracting Pty Ltd
RFT32-17/18Pam Buchanan Family Centre Community Module Facility Management11/04/2018TENDER NOT AWARDED
RFT33-17/18Hearson's Cove - Design and Construct New Toilet Block6/04/2018Karratha Contracting Pty Ltd
RFT34-17/18Sewer main extension - Roebourne Cultural Centre14/05/2018Karratha Contracting Pty Ltd
RFT35-17/18Lease of the Wickham Early Learning Centre23/05/2018One Tree Community Services
RFT36-17/18Sweeping of Roads, Paths, Pavements and Specialised Cleaning24/05/2018Tender Number discontinued
See RFT 02-18/19
RFT37-17/18Installation of Solar Pedestrian Lighting8/05/2018Leethall Constructions Pty Ltd
RFT38-17/18Karratha Water Tanks Art Activation Commission18/07/18NO ACCEPTABLE TENDERERS
RFT40-17/18Red Earth Arts Precinct Liquor Contract25/06/2018NO TENDERS RECEIVED
RFT42-17/18Dampier Palms - Public Art Commission29/08/2018

1. Engage Create Connect
2. Johanna Hoyne
3. Perina & Domahidy

Tenders for Financial Year 2016-17

RFT01-16/17Turf Mowing Services17/08/2016TENDER NOT AWARDED
RFT02-16/17Karratha Foreshore works - Stage 2 Maitland Node31/08/2016Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd
RFT03-16/17Karratha Golf Course - Superintendent contract24/08/2016TENDER NOT AWARDED
EOI04-16/17Karratha Airport - International Charter Flight21/09/2016
1.   Silkair Pty Ltd
RFT05-16/17Open Areas Vegetation Slashing7/09/2016Poinciana Nursery & Landscaping
RFT06-16/17KACP South Elevation of Building Artwork Commission5/10/2016TENDER NOT AWARDED
RFT07-16/17Construction of Nickol West Park Expansion26/10/2016Environmental Industries
RFT08-16/17Karratha Works Depot Storage Shed Construction2/11/2016Karratha Contracting Pty Ltd
RFT09-16/17Karratha Bowling Club Retractable Shade Supply and Installation23/11/2016Greensafe Shades Pty Ltd
RFT10-16/17Karratha Arts & Community Precinct IT & Cable QA Services TENDER DISCONTINUED
RFT11-16/17Supply and Design - Solar Pedestrian Lighting7/12/2016The Trustee for Dew Trust (T/A  Green Frog Systems)
RFT12-16/17Karratha Bowling Club Synthetic Turf Supply and Installation23/11/2016Evergreen Synthetic Grass
RFT13-16/17Turf Mowing Services16/11/2016TENDER NOT AWARDED
RFT14-16/17Design and Construct - Wickham Water Spray Playground29/03/2017Water Feature by Design
RFT15-16/17Fabrication and Construction of Karratha Tank Hill Lookout23/11/2016BGC Contracting Pty Ltd
RFT16-16/17Provision of Graffiti Removal Services15/12/2016The Trustee for the Macphail Family Trust t/a Decor8 Australia Pty ltd
RFT17-16/17Spraying and Fertilising Services14/12/2016Handy Hands (WA) Pty Ltd
RFT18-16/17Wickham Community Hub Construction Tender4/04/2017
CWD Builder Developers
RFT19-16/17Karratha Airport Qantas Lounge Base Build22/12/2016Karratha Building
EOI20-16/17Karratha Arts & Community Precinct Dampier Highway Southern Elevation Building Façade Public Art Commission27/01/2017ACCEPTABLE TENDERERS
1.   Wild by Nature
2.   Tim Macfarlane Reid
3.   Safehaven Studios
4.   GAP Art Collective
RFT21-16/17International Charter Flights (Private Tender)20/12/2016NO TENDERS RECEIVED
RFT22-16/17Murujuga National Park Access Road and Tourist Facility Sites Feasibility and Design Consultancy Stage 1 & 218/01/2017JDSi Consulting Engineers
RFT23-16/17Reconstruction Of Coolawanyah Road - Stage 2 Karratha Light Industrial Area22/02/2017Karratha Earthmoving & Sand Supplies
RFT24-16/17Karratha Airport Front of Terminal and Controlled Car Park Facility Upgrade22/02/2017BGC Contracting Pty Ltd
RFT25-16/17Karratha Airport Airfield Lighting Upgrade23/05/2017Aerodrome Management Services Pty Ltd
RFT26-16/17Turf Renovation Services8/03/2017Turf Life Pty Ltd
RFT27-16/17The Supply and Laying of Asphalt and Profiling Services26/04/2017Manning Pavement Services Pty Ltd T/A Karratha Asphalt
RFT28-16/17The Supply and Laying of Concrete26/04/2017Supercivil Pty Ltd
RFT29-16/17Destination Marketing ServicesN/AREFER RFT 27-17/18
RFT30-16/17Cossack Historic Townsite: Management Services and Promotion5/04/2017Hospitality Management Australia (NYFL)
RFT31-16/17REAP Southern Elevation of Building Façade Public Art Commission21/03/2017
Graphite Crew
RFT32-16/17Karratha Leisureplex Gym Expansion Construction Project17/05/2017Timik Developments Pty Ltd
RFPA33-16/17Plant Hire10/052017Panel:
Dry Hire
1) Kennards
2) Coates Hire
3) AK Evans
Wet Hire
1) AK Evans
2) Norwest Contracting
3) Karratha Earthmoving
RFT34-16/17Construction of Roebourne Community Aquatic Centre Upgrades24/05/2017Commercial Acquatics Australia
RFT35-16/17Provision of Litter Collection Staff19/04/2017Yaburara & Coastal Mardudhunera Aboriginal Corporation (Majun Enterprises)
RFT36-16/17Minor Works - Electrical12/05/2017Ausolar Pty Ltd
RFT37-16/17Delivery of Emerging Leaders Program27/07/2017Australian Institute of Management
RFT38-16/17KTA Roof Resheeting6/09/2017Safeway Building & Renovations Pty Ltd
RFT39-16/17KTA Replace Chiller IN PROGRESS
RFT40-16/17Dampier Community Hall - Replacement Floor12/07/2017IN PROGRESS
EOI41-16/17Lease of Community Office Spaces in Wickham26/07/2017EOI completed. Council resolved to construct Offices at August OCM 21/08/17 and rescinded going to tender for leases. Tenancy to be arranged via alternative means.
RFT42-16/17Minor Works – Emergency Evacuation Lighting, Fire Systems and Equipment 27/07/2017Wormald

Tenders for Financial Year 2015-16

01-15/16Design and Construction of Tambrey Pavilion07.10.2015Pindan Contracting Pty Ltd
02-15/16Housing Refurbishment - Wet Areas14.10.2015Trasan Contracting Pty Ltd
03-15/16Karratha Golf Course Reticulation Upgrade09.10.2015Total Eden Watering Systems
04-15/16Cleaning Service Delivery02.12.2015Delron Cleaning Pty Ltd
05-15/16Dampier Community Hub Not for Profit Offices14.10.2015Perth South Coastal Medicare Local Ltd (360 Health & Community Limited)
06-15/16Dampier Community Hub Coffee Hut14.10.2015Perth South Coastal Medicare Local Ltd (360 Health & Community Limited)
07-15/16Pt Samson Foreshore - Stage 1 Millars Close11.11.2015Timik Developments Pty Ltd
09-15/16Design and Construct Pedestrian Bridges09.12.2015Xelerator Pty Ltd T/A KBSS Engineering
10-15/16Dampier Foreshore Works - Stage 1 Shark Cage Beach & Hampton Oval Movie Screen17.02.2016BGC Contracting Pty Ltd
11-15/16Karratha Works Depot - Proposed Office Building Expansion25.11.2015Slavin Architect PTY LTD
12-15/16Wickham Bistro - Management & Operation


Haybar Pty Ltd
14-15/16"Dune Revegetation and Fencing - Pt Samson - Miller Close
Dune Revegetation - Karratha - Searipple Road"
09.03.2016Yurra Pty Ltd
15-15/16Airside Infrastructure Upgrade23.02.2016Aerodrome Management Services P/L
17-15/16Karratha Back Beach - Ramp, Jetty and Carpark rebuild23.02.2016Ertech Holdings Pty Ltd
18-15/16Shade Structure Construction09.03.2016South Coast Building Co WA
19-15/16Karratha Works Depot - Equipment Wash Down Area Construction16.03.2016Karratha Contracting Pty Ltd
20-15/16Karratha Foreshore - Searipple Node23.03.2016Ertech Holdings Pty Ltd
22-15/16Karratha Works Depot Minor Construction Improvements30.03.2016Karratha Contracting Pty Ltd
23-15/16KACP Early Works Theatre Package04.05.2016HME Services Pty Ltd
24-15/16Karratha Arts and Community Precinct Construction


Doric Contractors Pty Ltd
25-15/16Minor Works - Air Conditioning18.05.2016Burke Air Pty Ltd
26-15/16Minor Works - Plumbing18.05.2016PANEL
1.   Rowe Plumbing;
2.   TWH Plumbing;
3.   All Round Plumbing.
27-15/16Karratha Golf Course Irrigation Storage Tank25.05.2016Cobey Projects Pty Ltd
28-15/16Irrigation System Upgrade01.06.2016Waterlink - Noble Pty Ltd
29-15/16Provision of Visitor Information Services for the City of Karratha (EOI)15.07.2016Karratha Visitor Centre
30-15/16Dampier Community Hall - Roof Replacement03.08.2016Geraldton Building Services and Cabinets Pty Ltd
31-15/16KACP Public Art Commission20.07.2016ACCEPTABLE TENDERERS:
- UAP Australia Pty Ltd
- Roebourne Art Group
- Creativemove Pty Ltd

Tenders for Financial Year 2014-15

01-14/15Golf Course Superintendent for the Karratha Golf Course13.08.2014Turf Whisperer
02-14/15Karratha Back Beach - Groyne Remediation Works26.11.2014Spinifex Crushing & Screening Services Pty Ltd
03-14/15Karratha Back Beach Feasibility Study Consultancy Brief08.10.2014BMT JFA Consultants Pty Ltd
04-14/15Bulk Diesel Fuel tank - 7 Mile03.09.2014Fuelfix Pty Ltd
05-14/15Bulgarra Public Open Space Stage 2 - Landscape Construction and Minor Demolition15.10.2014Environmental Industries Pty Ltd
06-14/157 Mile Landfill Facility Redevelopment Refubishment of Transportable Building01.10.2014Savannah Engineers (WA) Pty Ltd
07-14/15Rental Car Concessions - Karratha Airport 15.10.2014CLA Trading Pty Ltd trading as Europcar
Raw Hire Pty Ltd
08-14/15Karratha Airport - Flight Information Displays (FID) and Advertising Tender05.11.2014S&K Investments Pty Ltd trading as WA Billboards
09-14/15Wickham Community Hub Project Architect 22.10.2014Gresley Abas Pty Ltd
10-14/15Reconstruction and Upgrade of Coolawanyah Road01.04.2015Karratha Earthmoving & Sand Supplies
11-14/15Construction of the Dampier Community Hub10.12.2014Pindan Contracting Pty Ltd
12-14/15Quantity Surveyor and Cost Management Services for Wickham Community Hub and Effluent Re-Use System12.11.2014Rider Levett Bucknall WA Pty Ltd (Effluent Reuse System)
Chrysalis Quantity Surveying Pty Ltd (Wickham Community Hub)
13-14/15Dampier Community Hub Facility Management10.12.2014TENDER NOT AWARDED
14-14/15DISCONTINUED - Storm Water Upgrades-DISCONTINUED
15-14/15Footpath Lighting10.03.2015KBSS Engineering
16-14/15Wickham Sporting Precinct - Lighting Precinct11.03.2015Coral Coast Electrical
17-14/15Roebourne Deport Demolition19.02.2015Delta Pty Ltd
18-14/15Skatepark Shade Construction11.03.2015Landmark Products Pty Ltd
19-14/15Wickham Bus Shelters - Design, Fabricate & Install04.03.2015SMC Building Pty Ltd
20-14/15Construction of The Youth Shed Outdoor Redevelopment Stage 225.03.2015Leethall Constructions Pty Ltd
21-14/15Pam Buchanan Family Centre Community Module Facility Management08.04.2015ONYX Pty Ltd
22-14/15Foreshore Management Program Design and Documentation17.04.2015Cardno WA Pty Ltd
23-14/15Effluent Reuse Scheme24.06.2015BLS Industries Pty Ltd/ t/a Cobey Industries
24-14/15Disposal of Garbage Truck11.05.2015TENDER NOT AWARDED
25-14/15Litter Collection Services - Roebourne08.07.2015TENDER NOT AWARDED