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Large Community Grant

There are two options when applying for a Large Community Grant - please ensure you identify what you are applying for. 

Please ensure you have read and understood the Community Grants and Contributions Scheme Guidelines prior to applying. 

Large Community Grants ($5,000-$50,000)

There will be two rounds for Large Community Grants per year. Applications will be open for a minimum of a two month period per round. 

Projects can be delivered at any time within 12 months of receiving funding.

Before you submit your application, get in touch with a Community Engagement or Club Development Officer on (08) 9186 8555 or

Our next round opens 1 July, 2022.

Annual Events & Activities ($0-$50,000)

As a part of the Large Community Grants, groups can apply for up to $50,000 (ex GST) per year for established community events or activities that are run each year. Groups may request for funding for up to three years with a post event/activity report required each year of the Agreement.

A payment schedule for successful applicants under the Large Community Grants and Annual Events & Activities will be outlined in a funding agreement.

Our next round opens 1 July, 2022.


Prepare your application, which should include:

  • A project description (150 words)

  • How the project contributes to the City of Karratha becoming “Australia’s most liveable regional city”?

  • How the project will benefit the community/who will be the beneficiary of the project?

  • How will you know the project has been successful? What will success look like?

  • A detailed budget including all income and expenditure

  • A detailed timeline of your project from planning, through implementation, and review.

Please use these templates within your proposal:

  1. Application Form
  2. Budget Template 
  3. Project Timeline Template

To help you to address the assessment criteria, we have included the below table to work through when you are writing your proposal.

Assessment Criteria


Strategic Alignment

How does your project/activity align with the City of Karratha’s Strategic Community Plan?

How does your project/activity align with one or more of the four pillars in the City of Karratha’s Strategic Community Plan?

Our Community - Inclusive & Engaged

Our Economy - Well Managed & Diversified

Our Environment - To Protect Our Environment

Our Leadership - Proactive & Accountable

Income/other funding

Does your project/activity generate income or reduce costs for your organisation?

Does your project/activity have other funding or sponsors?

Project viability/feasibility

How will you know your project/activity has been successful? How will this be shown?

How achievable/practical is your project/activity?

Community Benefit

How many people will benefit from your project/activity? Ie attendance, participant, customer numbers

Does your project/activity benefit the wider community or is it for a specific target group? If so who, and how has their need for this activity been identified/demonstrated?

Capacity for Delivery

How will you deliver the project? Will you be engaging any contractors/ consultants/facilitators?

Who in your organisation will be responsible for the delivery of the project/activity?