City of Karratha

Landscaping Verges

The good news is that Council’s policy is to encourage and support the development of road verges in urban areas.

But before you start, it's probably a good idea to have a quick look over the general conditions detailed below.


1.1 Council’s policy is to encourage and support the development of road verges in urban areas. 

1.2 The applicant accepts responsibility for the removal or relocation of any planting or reticulation if required by any public authority or the Council. 

1.3 The general level and grade of the verge is to remain unaltered. Levels to be compatible with properties on either side and shall slope toward the kerb as a 1 in 40 grade approximately or the property line level should be 150mm above the top of the kerb. 

1.4 The plants are to be kept clear of the roadway and any footpath. Where there is no footpath, a clear distance of 2.5 metres from the back of the kerb is to be maintained. No plants over 75cm are to be planted within 15 metres of street corners or within 7 metres of crossovers. 

1.5 Any improvements to the verge must not create an undue hazard to road users or pedestrians. No large rocks or non frangible items can be placed on the road reserve. 

1.6 The applicant shall not plant any tree or shrub in any part of the verge area without the written consent of the Council and must make application stating the variety and location of the plants. A recommended list of plants is available. 

1.7 Any reticulation system to be installed and operated to avoid nuisance to the public. Sprinklers shall not be directed onto the footpath or roadway and watering is to be restricted to times where any inconvenience to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists is minimised. All pipes to be installed at a minimum depth of 400mm. 

1.8 Any gravel treatment is to be compacted and maintained so as not to allow any loose material to be spread onto the road, footpath or neighbouring properties. 

1.9 Any improvements placed or constructed on the verge are placed there at the risk of the property owner. Council will endeavour to preserve the layout but no guarantee can be given. 

1.10 No assistance can be given by Council for the development, ongoing operation or maintenance costs. 

1.11 The applicant is to obtain from an insurance company approved by Council, an insurance policy in the names of the applicant and the City of Karratha, indemnifying Council against any claim for damages which may arise in, or out of, its construction, maintenance or use. 

If you have any queries, please contact the Parks & Gardens Coordinator on 9186 8555