City of Karratha

Keeping our community clean

The City of Karratha is home to some of the most remarkable land areas in the world including ancient sites and historic settlements.

So it makes sense to keep it looking clean.

With the diversity of coastal towns such as Dampier and Point Samson, along with the inland communities of Wickham, Roebourne, Karratha and Cossack, there is a wide array of native flora and fauna in our region.

Amazing fauna include the euro and red kangaroo, bungarra, sea turtle and dolphin, while some of the most colourful flora include the mulla-mulla, Sturt's desert pea, the wattle and orange cockroach bush.

With one spectacular backyard, it's important we all work together to ensure it remains pristine for many years to come.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to protect the environment is to ensure you correctly dispose of rubbish.

Littering is not only detrimental to the ecosystem; it also ruins the overall presentation of all the communities.

You can help keep the community free of rubbish and beautiful for many to enjoy by following these important steps:


  • Ensure your rubbish is always put in bins and is secure

  • Don't put commercial or domestic waste in public bins

  • Make sure all loads on trailers, trucks and utes are covered and secured

  • Take any extra rubbish to the tip

  • Report abandoned vehicles and shopping trolleys, and

  • Ensure building site waste doesn't affect your neighbours.

As part of our anti-litter policy, an infringement notice can be issued for littering or illegal dumping.


The City of Karratha has an online reporting tool where you can littering or illegal dumping. Report It is available by clicking here. If you see someone littering or dumping, please complete this form.


Alternatively, you can report littering or illegal dumping by contacting Ranger Services on 9186 8555. It will greatly assist in taking the appropriate actions if you have the following information handy:

  • Person's name and address (if known)

  • Vehicle description- make, model, colour and registration number

  • Date, time and location of alleged offence

  • Type of litter

  • Exact location of unsightly area.



Litter (122kb PDF)
Secured Loads (80kb PDF)

Thank you for keeping our community beautiful and litter free.