City of Karratha

Karratha Industrial Estate - property checks

City of Karratha officers have commenced a review of properties within the Karratha Industrial Estate (KIE) from a planning, building and health perspective.

This is to ensure commercial/industrial sites meet the requirements of the planning, building and health legislation and do not pose a risk to public health safety.

Over time, officers will be visiting properties to check site usage, building structures, onsite wastewater disposal systems, and potential sources of mosquito breeding.

Some of the things officers will be looking into include:

  • Is your property being used for what it was originally intended and approved?
  • If you have a food or beverage business, do you have the necessary approval?
  • Do you have approvals in place for what is currently on site including sea containers?
  • Do you have documentation in place for your onsite waste water disposal system?
  • Are there any potential sources of pooling water on site?
  • Are there any additional buildings/structures or extensions on site that require approval?

City officers will be visiting properties in stages. The first stage of property checks commenced on 22 August 2016. Property owners and occupants of future stages will be notified 3 weeks prior to their property check taking place.

It is important that commercial/industrial properties in the KIE meet the requirements of planning, building and health legislation. The City is keen to work with property owners and occupants towards this and has provisions in place that provide for retrospective approvals should it be required. If you are aware of any development issues affecting your property, please contact the City so that City Officers can help you achieve legislative compliance.

Should you have any queries, please contact the City on 9186 8555 to speak to a Planning Compliance, Building or Environmental Health Officer.

KIE Audit Information Pack (2MB)