City of Karratha

Karratha City Centre Infrastructure Works

The Karratha City Centre development is important for Karratha's growth as a major City of the North. The City of Karratha, in partnership with LandCorp and the State Government, is developing a vibrant and attractive city centre.

By revitalising Karratha's infrastructure and offering modern development opportunities the City will be transformed into a vibrant and integrated community which will attract a population of 50,000 people.

Karratha's reputation as a vibrant and integrated city is being enhanced by the large-scale development opportunities being delivered in the city centre. On par with capital city developments, the upgrades to major infrastructure, residential developments and the building of a mixed-use local centre, are completing Karratha's transformation from regional mining town to a significant regional city.

The City of Karratha, in partnership with the State Government and LandCorp, is developing Karratha as a major City of the North – a city that offers affordability, high-quality amenity and city infrastructure to a growing permanent population living and working in a local community that is supported by a diversified economy.

The below map indicates the speed limits for vehicles travelling in and around the City Centre: