City of Karratha

Karratha Airport Terminal Redevelopment

The primary objective of this project was to extend the useful life and improve the functionality of the existing airport terminal to enable extensive planning to be undertaken for the long term future capacity and land use at the airport. The airport terminal upgrade will markedly improve the aesthetics and customer experience at the terminal and give it a new lease on life.

Project overview:

The Karratha Airport Terminal Redevelopment improved passenger facilities to provide an enhanced travel experience for Karratha Airport’s 800,000 passengers per year. The project significantly increased the size of the terminal, allowing for a new arrival and departures area that featured more food, beverage and shopping options. The terminal redevelopment allows for the provision of international flights and areas for airlines to operate frequent flyer lounges. The general amenity of the terminal was greatly improved with new bathrooms, a new fa├žade, improved baggage claim areas and tiling and painting of existing areas.

Project Cost:

$34,500,000 - City of Karratha

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More information:

For further information please contact the City on 08 9186 8555 or or visit the Karratha Airport website.