City of Karratha

Irrigation Maintenance

Commencing Monday 29 May the City of Karratha and Water Corporation will be conducting scheduled maintenance on components of the Effluent Reuse Scheme (ERS) irrigation network.

What maintenance is required?

Irrigation systems like the ERS require regular maintenance to ensure the system is working at a high standard and is damage free. Super-chlorination is a standard form of maintenance that clears the system from the build-up of naturally occurring iron and sulphate which can cause damage to irrigation components if left to accumulate.

What is involved?

The process involves pumping water through the system with an increased level of chlorine to remove excess iron and sulphate material. This water will be pumped through reticulation components at the Karratha Golf Course as well as a number of playing ovals. This will be done overnight to minimise impact to oval users.

How long will this go for?

It is likely this initial phase of chlorination maintenance will occur over 2-3 days before being reassessed until testing confirms the iron and sulphate has been reduced to an acceptable level.

Watering each night will occur between 12-midnight and 5am.

What ovals will be affected?

  • Bulgarra Oval
  • Karratha Golf Course
  • Cattrall Park / Pegs Creek Oval
  • Tambrey Oval
  • Kevin Richards Memorial Oval

What will happen to ovals?

Affected ovals will be reticulated with water containing an increased level of chlorine. This may potentially cause some slight browning however the City is implementing management measures to address.

Is it safe to use ovals?

Ovals will be completely safe to use during the day. Chlorine concentration used in this process is similar to that used when super-chlorinating a pool.

So what can we expect?

  • Super-chlorination will commence Monday 29 May;
  • Ovals will be irrigated overnight to minimise disruption to users;
  • This will be done over period of 2-3 days until testing confirms iron and sulphate levels have been reduced;
  • There may be some slight browning of grass at affected ovals however the City has management plans to minimise this;
  • A chlorine odour may be present at affected ovals immediately following treatment process
  • Ovals are safe to use during the day throughout the treatment process.