Limbs 4 Life

Limbs 4 Life, the peak national organisation for amputees, invites the Karratha community to celebrate National Amputee Awareness Week from 4 – 11 October 2020.

National Amputee Awareness Week draws attention to the impact of limb loss within the Australian community and reminds all amputees that they are not alone. This is a week dedicated to celebrating Australians living with limb loss, raising awareness of this lifelong disability, reducing stigma, and bringing the amputee community together. There is around one amputation performed every hour in Australia, which equates to almost 9,000 per year, and is largely due to diabetes, vascular disease, traumatic accidents, cancer, and infection. Please join Limbs 4 Life in honouring the diverse and unique community of amputees in Australia. We’re encouraging people to visit Limbs 4 Life’s Facebook page during National Amputee Awareness Week. Here you can send a message of support, share posts with your own family and friends, and learn about ways that Limbs 4 Life is ‘shining a light’ on amputees.

Head to and get involved! #NAAW20 #ShineALight #GetYourRibbonOn