Dampier Billy Cart Derby

The 2018 Dampier Billy Cart Derby is set for Saturday 27th October, so get ready to race!

Registrations will be opening soon via the DCA website at www.dampier.org.au. This annual event was established in 2016 and aims to encourage the whole community to come together for some fun and friendly competition.

Quite often in today’s busy world families struggle to find time to connect with one another and many parents miss out on activities with their children. The Dampier Billy Cart Derby is not only a great day for families to come together for the race, but it encourages families to spend quality time together in the lead up to the event, by working towards designing and building the best cart, whilst allowing an outlet for those budding engineering and creative abilities.

The Dampier Billy Cart Derby is proudly presented by the Billy Cart Derby subcommittee of the Dampier Community Association, a volunteer based not-for-profit organisation. The race divisions are age based and include Parent & Child, Junior, Intermediate and Senior divisions.

Everyone is welcome to attend the event which is free for all spectators. Local food vendors will also be in attendance to provide refreshments. The City of Karratha is sponsoring this event again for the third year. As a not-for-profit event the Dampier Billy Cart Derby also relies heavily on the generosity of sponsorship from local businesses.

All competitor entry fees and sponsorship money will be used to cover event costs, with any income derived used solely towards furthering the objectives of the Dampier Community Association by being put back into the Dampier community.

We hope to see you there on the day, as a competitor or even just to watch and cheer on your favourite cart. For further information please visit www.dampier.org.au or email billycartderby@dampier.org.au