City of Karratha

Economic Development - Tourism/Cultural

Below are some of the statements and questions raised to guide the tourism/cultural aspect of the City of Karratha Economic Development Strategy - please take some time to add your thoughts to the below:


  • Focus on getting people here in the first place and then having a positive experience when they do
  • We need to be realistic and make the most of what we have and what people need (rather than what we want to give them). We need to create opportunity and environment for this to happen
  • Create videos for social media of local people sharing their stories
  • Give a challenge out to the community such as “build me an itinerary for a week in Karratha” and see what people come up with as an engagement tool. This can contribute to future marketing and development of the tourism economy
  • Leverage our proud community to enhance image and appeal for tourists
  • Entry statements. There is an opportunity to include and showcase the region through art and landscaping. It is also very important to signal/symbolise the value we have on our place
  • Visitors will be attracted here by those who currently live here, locals bring meaning, stories and value the place which can be shared amongst with people who are new to the region
  • For travelers it’s the people they meet and stories they here which enriches the experience and value

  • Identify and Understand Target Market

  • Need more product of high value to compel people to visit
  • People will spend money on the things that they want – we need to find out what those are
  • There are a number of difference markets that need to be addressed differently - Grey Nomads, families, backpackers (tourists and those requiring work for visa extensions), international visitors, business visitors etc
  • There are diverse markets and we don’t need them all - segment them and work on profitability and probability of success
  • We are competing on a global scene so we need to identify and promote what makes us different and how we can give unique experiences

  • Product Development and Packaging

  • Need to convert experiences and attractions into money/revenue
  • Commercialisation will enhance the visitor experience, protect the environment and create jobs
  • Connect the dots for people and serve up a comprehensive, convenient and comfortable package
  • There needs to be a tourist trail
  • Lonely Planet has a list of the weirdest things you can do in a place. We need to think differently and market Karratha as a unique and iconic place

  • Events

  • Hold more events to extend the tourist season and hold people in the region longer
  • We could have a mud crab festival linked to Karijini Experience
  • We need to leverage assets with strengths

  • Regional Approach

  • Need to focus on tourism across the Pilbara and North West region
  • Create a circuit of key centres in the region to visit with an event calendar
  • Enhance the Warlu Way experience
  • Pilbara region should be promoted not just Karratha

  • Seasonality
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