City of Karratha

Economic Development - Small Business

Below are some of the statements and questions raised to guide the small business aspect of the City of Karratha Economic Development Strategy - please take some time to add your thoughts to the below:



  • Business can engage with freelance workers from around the world through ‘UPWORK’
  • Businesses need to be ready for the customer (not the other way around)
  • We should complement mining. There is 50 years of gas, 100 years of iron ore so there are opportunities for service/support industries such as transport and hospitality etc.
  • Transport trucks go back to Perth empty. How can we make use of this? It will offset the cost of inbound goods

  • Faciliation

  • Ease of business is a critical role for local government. The City should facilitate and enable instead of regulate
  • Support local businesses not just new investment
  • Need to grow AND sustain businesses (no point growing and then failing – although this happens a lot in places like Asia because setup entry costs are lower, so how do we make it easier to try?)
  • Secondary employment / home-based businesses seem to be operating successfully through Facebook
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