City of Karratha

Economic Development - Population Growth

Below are some of the statements and questions raised to guide the population growth aspect of the City of Karratha Economic Development Strategy - please take some time to add your thoughts to the below:

Housing Availability

  • Confidence in the housing market is important and rent stability is needed
  • Land supply now available and adequate for growth

  • Jobs

  • We need a more stable workforce
  • There is low unemployment which means we attract people here for work

  • Migration

  • Migration is a key opportunity to grow the economy
  • If we can bring people here from other parts of WA, Australia and the world, others will follow

  • Karratha as a Place to Live

  • People can be confined to where they already live and don't seem to consider regional areas
  • Promote the Pilbara region and make Karratha appealing so that people choose to live here

  • Community

  • We can build lots of great infrastructure but we need community and cultural activation
  • A place to connect with other like-minded people to build relationships with and avoid isolation
  • Connection to community is very important, especially for different demographics and ethnicities
  • It can be isolating for families, single people and people from other cultures if they are not among like-minded people
  • Community attracts people to the area
  • Community groups such as sporting clubs, cultural groups, school groups, recreational groups are important community assets

  • Youth

  • Youth can be forgotten/difficult to engage
  • They are the future and we need to build their capacity by engaging with them to design and be an active part of the economy

  • Infrastructure
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